The feds have announced the arrest of Dayna Chidester, a 51-year-old former consumer and family science teacher at Reed-Custer High School in Braidwood for having an ongoing affair with a 14 year old boy. The two would get together at her house or at nearby hotels for sex. She has admitted that they had sex about 20 times. A search of the boy’s phone turned up nude pictures that they had sent each other and about 9,000 text messages. The two talked on the phone hundreds of times.

From The New York Post

Chidester, who initially was charged in January, was meeting up with the boy for sex for months when federal prosecutors claim she texted a student at her school, saying that she was repulsed by her behavior.

“It’s horrible,” Chidester wrote about her ongoing relationship with the teen, who attended another school, according to a 13-page criminal complaint filed Wednesday. “[I] can go to jail.”

Chidester, who resigned after being initially charged in Will County in January, was free after posting $1 million bond on six counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and other charges. Prosecutors dropped those state charges Wednesday, the Tribune reports.

Investigators in Will County identified the alleged victim after a student at Reed-Custer reported that Chidester had been texting him. A subsequent search of his cellphone revealed nude photos of the teacher, as well as more than 9,000 text messages they sent each other since last September, according to the complaint.

The boy later told police he had sex with Chidester between 15 and 20 times at various locations and admitted that they swapped nude photos of themselves.

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