If you are a Christian living in the Middle East and Africa, practicing Christianity is like committing a heinous crime to the point that you can get killed for your faith.

Meanwhile, in the United States, we wholeheartedly accept these violent people and give them religious freedom. And we even financially support illegals from these countries – all thanks to Biden.

But what happened recently is a pure act of the devil, these bloodthirsty terrorists attack the Catholic church and massacred Christians during Easter Sunday.

Trending Politics commented further:

That’s particularly true in Nigeria, a nation split between Christian and Muslim and where terrorists with varying goals are known to cross into Christian communities with machetes, AK-47s, and all the other tools of terrorists to rampage among the lambs of Christ.

And, detestable as they are, those terrorists like to attack Easter and massacre Christians as they reflect on Christ’s sacrifice and their sins, as they celebrate one of the holiest days on the Christian calendar.

Such is what happened in Nigeria this Easter weekend: bloodthirsty secessionists went on a rampage, killing many civilians while also waging a gunbattle with Nigerian military personnel.

A Nigerian media outlet reported these barbaric attacks, The Premium Times gives us more details:

Many people were feared killed on Sunday when gunmen attacked Ihioma Community in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria’s South-east.

One resident who watched the shootings said, “They killed so many people. It started while we were in the church, but we had to run back home” and another as saying “The gunmen became enraged and started shooting sporadically. They were in a gun battle with the soldiers from Sunday morning till evening.

Breitbart reports revealed that the terrorists were part of IPOB, a terrorist group that demands that Biafra, a part of Nigeria, be allowed to break away from Nigeria, Some members of the IPOB identify as Jewish, including the group’s leader, Nnamdi Kanu.”

Breitbart report added:

IPOB chief Kanu claimed he was in Israel in October 2018 during a time period in which he was considered a fugitive by Nigerian government authorities for failing to appear at a court hearing in Nigeria to face treason charges.

“He [Kanu] maintains the Igbo people, who are in the majority in southeast Nigeria, are a lost tribe of Israel and it is his mission to lead them to the promised land of Biafra,” Agence France-Presse (AFP) noted in October 2018 while reporting on Kanu’s allegation at the time that he was “in Israel.”

The outlet further commented:

So, some Israeli-connected terrorist group was infuriated by the presence of the Nigerian security forces and went on an Easter Sunday rampage, fighting the soldiers while massacring Christians who were simply trying to attend their Easter Sunday church service.

Fortunately, however, the Nigerian military was able to fend off the terrorist assault and draw at least some blood As a source in the Nigerian military put it, “In the firefight that ensued during the operation, one of the criminals was taken out, while others fled in disarray“.

In the video clip, posted by Obum, residents were seen scampering for safety while sounds of gunshots rented the air. Some residents were also seen weeping and lifting the corpses of their loved ones killed in the attack.

Watch it here: Facebook/Video

IPOB, an outlawed group, has been linked to the deadly attacks in the South-east. But the group has repeatedly denied its involvement in the attacks.

Sources: TrendingPolitics, ThePremiumTimes, Breitbart 

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