A TikTok video of a woman using tampons to uncover whether her boyfriend was cheating has gone viral, with some praising her detective skills while others criticize her for being “borderline psycho.”

Lois Saunders, 23, went to extraordinary lengths to determine if her boyfriend, Finn, was cheating on her. She described herself as going “crazy” and “obsessive” in a viral video where she used tampons as an investigative tool to catch a cheater.

Saunders shared her story on TikTok, revealing that she found a tampon and mascara hidden under a closet in her boyfriend’s college dorm room. She said in the video, which went viral on the platform, “I’ve just found a tampon and a mascara under Finn’s wardrobe, and he’s denying he’s had a girl here.”

Determined to uncover the truth, the young British woman reached out to tampon manufacturers and shared screenshots of her correspondence with them on TikTok. She eventually received a response from P&G customer service after inquiring about a code on the tampon.

“I have a tampon with the code 93452080N2. It’s yellow; regular. Can you tell me when this was manufactured? … I am doing some investigation,” she wrote.

A Tampax representative replied, stating, “Based on the code … the tampon was made December 11, 2019,” adding that tampons have a five-year shelf life. Saunders shared in a follow-up video that she was relieved, as the tampon’s creation date was before Finn moved into his dorm room. She was satisfied her boyfriend was innocent. A viewer humorously suggested, “DNA fibers from the mascara is the only next possible step.”

Saunders, a blonde-haired Brit, revealed that she had only recently begun seriously dating Finn, who must have been quite surprised that his girlfriend’s TikTok video received over four million views.

“We were just laughing about it together because it was a bit of a joke,” she said. “He had obviously never swept under the wardrobe … I believe him. We are still together, and very happy!” she added.

Lois Saunders

Some viewers criticized her actions, calling her a “borderline psycho.” Others were impressed by her investigative skills, with one writing, “If I ever get kidnapped, ask her to solve my case!” Another added, “The lengths us girls go to. Men have no idea what we’re capable of. They could never.”

Lois Saunders

Saunders admitted her sleuthing might have gone “too far,” but reported that it had not negatively impacted her relationship. However, the New York Post noted that some people felt her detective work did not necessarily prove Finn’s innocence.

As Saunders’ video made Finn the subject of internet attention, it remained to be seen whether the couple would survive this newfound fame. The lesson here is that, while many people still value privacy, going viral is not necessarily the best way to strengthen a romantic relationship. Let’s hope that Lois Saunders’ instant fame doesn’t jeopardize what could have been a promising future together.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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