The Biden family evades legal consequences and shelters in the White House, raising questions about the double standards in media coverage and exposing the darker side of the left-wing elite.

The first son, Hunter Biden, has reportedly been living in the White House with his father and stepmother, likely to evade being served papers in a child support lawsuit filed by Lunden Roberts, a former stripper and the mother of his out-of-wedlock child. As the left-leaning media remains largely silent on this issue, it raises concerns about the media’s double standards and the Biden family’s questionable conduct.

Miranda Devine, a New York Post columnist, revealed that attorneys representing Roberts have requested a court in Arkansas to jail Hunter Biden for failing to provide his financial records related to child support payments. Despite a court-ordered paternity test confirming the child’s relation to Hunter Biden, both he and President Joe Biden have reportedly denied any kinship. Roberts’ lawyers have accused Hunter Biden of disrespecting the court’s dignity and authority by not complying with its orders.

Rumors suggest that Hunter Biden, along with his wife and their young son, have been staying at the White House to avoid being served legal documents related to the lawsuit. Devine even alleged that a swing set has been installed on the White House grounds for the children.

The Arkansas lawsuit isn’t the only controversy surrounding Hunter Biden. During his father’s tenure as Vice President, he lived a luxurious lifestyle, accompanied Joe Biden on official trips, and secured profitable business deals in China and Ukraine. While the liberal media initially tried to discredit the authenticity of his laptop, it has since been verified, revealing alleged corruption within the Biden family.

The laptop also exposed Hunter Biden’s struggles with drug abuse, involvement with prostitutes, and disturbing family conflicts. He is currently under investigation by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware for possible tax and gun crimes. There have even been claims that powerful figures within the Department of Justice, including Attorney General Merrick Garland, are attempting to kill the investigation.

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene has accused the Biden family of being involved in illicit business deals in Ukraine, Russia, and China, and potentially linked to a trafficking scheme. She believes the family financially benefited from Joe Biden’s positions of authority over the years, alleging that they participated in human trafficking by soliciting prostitutes from the United States and other countries.

While Hunter Biden’s risky business dealings were exposed before the 2020 election, Greene asserts that the House Oversight Committee could uncover links between other family members and financial transactions related to women associated with Hunter. Considering his history of drug addiction and other issues, her conjecture might not be entirely baseless.

Greene and other lawmakers on the House Oversight Committee have made these allegations after reviewing thousands of financial records from the Treasury Department.

As she stated, “There’s a lot of information the American people deserve to know of the Biden family and the crimes they’ve been involved in. I just saw evidence of human trafficking that involves prostitutes not only from here in the United States but foreign countries like Russia and Ukraine.”

The ongoing controversies surrounding the Biden family, along with the mainstream media’s reluctance to address them, expose the double standards in reporting and reinforce the need for unbiased and transparent news coverage.

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