Islamic clerics in Iraq have been caught on tape selling girls as young as nine as sex brides. Muslims considers girls, age nine as being the age of consent. Their religion allows this as long as they are married and the girl is at least nine years old. The BBC set up a sting and recorded sales and the clerics giving religious advice on marrying young girls for sex. They described the practice as “Pleasure Marriages”. They actually have marriage contracts as short as mone hour, that permits adult couples to have sex.

From The Daily Star

Islamic clerics have been caught selling girls as young as 9 for sex in so-called “pleasure marriages”.

Religious leaders were caught by the BBC offering temporary marriage licences which allows men to rape children under a warped version of Islam.

Shocking findings of the probe were shared on the Victoria Derbyshire show this morning on BBC2.

BBC presenter Joanna Gosling explained the practice is known as “pleasure marriages”.

It was revealed by reporter Nawal Al-maghafi in undercover video that Muslim leaders were offering religious advice on how to abuse children in Iraq.

Girls are offered sale in backroom dealings carried out from marriage offices around religious shrines.

“Pleasure marriages” are supposed to be used by adult couples to allow them to have sex.

Marriage contracts can be as short as an hour.

They are being exploited by certain clerics however to allow men to rape the children with a clear religious conscious.

Referred in the report as “one of Iraq’s darkest secrets”, the practice is illegal in the country but carried out on a twisted black market.

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  1. Grizz Mann

    The holey koran and Mohammad would hardheartedly endorse such actions. After all Mohammad waited until his six year old bride was nine to consummate the marriage.


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