You know what people do when they don’t want to admit the truth of a situation or they just don’t care and want to act like their inattention is accidental? They occupy themselves with other things.

You might have been guilty of this on a much more acceptable scale in the past. I, like many of you, have had to fly somewhere before. Now, there are things about flying that tend to bug the living hell out of me. Like when someone tries to talk to you when all you want to do is pass that five hours on your own terms.

So, I have a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that I put in the second you can turn on devices and only really have them on for about half the flight. It’s an act to make it look like I am listening to something when in reality, I just don’t want to see this guy’s photos of his family.

That’s something innocent. Now, when you are putting your fingers in your ears to shut yourself off from the fact that horrible things are happening to people that you could damn well do something about….that’s just evil.

The Biden administration has so far been able to distract the media from the atrocities taking place in China. Their newest waste of time involves Jill Biden giving out meaningless participation awards.

On March 8, Jill Biden recognized 21 women with the State Department’s “International Women of Courage Award,” honoring them for making an “’intentional decision’ to persist and demand justice despite their fear,” according to ABC News.

According to Jill Biden, these women’s stories make it easy to view them as “mythical heroes or angels among us.”

“Some of these women have spent their lives fighting for their cause. Others are just starting out on a journey they didn’t ask for,” she said.

“Some were called to service, and some couldn’t escape it. They are fighting for their own lives and for their children. They want to right the wrongs of our past, to build a brighter future for everyone. They aren’t immune to fear. No one is,” Biden added.

The list of women includes seven from Afghanistan who have been given posthumous awards. The other 14 women are from Belarus, Cameroon, China, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guatemala, Iran, Myanmar, Nepal, Somalia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Venezuela.

“These women made an extraordinary choice, to persist, to demand justice, to believe that, despite the obstacles and fear they faced, there is a future worth fighting for,” Biden said.

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