Now Fauci is fighting against himself, I mean he’s grilling himself with his own words, making it his worst enemy by far.

I feel everyone’s sentiments about COVID policies confusion caused by Biden’s administration. This COVID situation was turned into a complete circus and that’s their legacy.

Americans are so confused over all the flips and flops, and bizarre messaging.

Now, people are suspicious and confused with Biden, and the Dems as well as the media for their goofy changes…

They scold Americans who were not taking the vaccine, and now people who got vaccinated have to wear masks?

Why?  Is there a problem with the vaccine? Does the vaccine not work? This is just nonsense, nobody even explains why.

We need more info rather than “It’s for your safety” just like what Jen Psaki told us.

I don’t know why that until now they still wonder why people don’t want to take the vaccine it’s because they don’t trust them.

They’re confusing people and this new mask mandate triggers more.

Vaccinated people could take their masks off but the mask doesn’t work according to Fauci.

And from that Jim Jordan comes in using Fauci’spast words to blast him right now as the little tyrant once again pushes bringing back the masks.

At this point, I trust Dr. Peppper more than I trust this guy.

Biden and his sidekick here have made a complete mess of things.

Here are some of the people comments online:

“I hate conspiracy theories and I got my vaccine but this flip flopping has become tiresome. I don’t buy this excuse. They said over and over that the shots are good for delta.”

“Could this not be translated as, “The vaccine doesn’t work, therefore we want you to wear masks again”?”

“In layman words…The vaccine doesn’t work.”

“So it’s starting to sound like no matter what we try to do, there is no end to this. Constant boosters, constant masking. “

“So vaccines are worthless..”

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