If you want to get something done, but don’t want people to know that you were the one whose idea it was, you get someone to who people wouldn’t be paying as much attention to.

Let’s be honest, the position of Vice President isn’t one that people pay attention to nearly as much as the President. Simple really, the Veep isn’t the one with the keys, they are just in the passenger seat.

So, if I were someone hatefully evil like Joe Biden, and I needed to get something done where nobody would ever suspect I  had anything to do with it, I would make sure I had Kamala Harris on the job. Remember folks, it is always the one you least expect.

Beltway Imperialists have been plotting and scheming behind the scenes again. A secret memo which has been making the rounds of D.C. was leaked and it has liberals going spastic. Just when progressives thought they had the plot to ram their $15 minimum wage idea down congressional throats all worked out, Kamala Harris betrayed them by refusing to go through with it.

New World Order globalists in Washington had the whole plot worked out to raise the minimum wage. A secret memo spells out all the dirty details in black and white. It got leaked and it isn’t the conservatives who are angry.

Liberal progressives on the left are furious with the Palace. All along His Wisdom has been promising to hike the minimum wage to $15 bucks an hour but Kamala Harris won’t hold up her end of the deal. She’s suddenly developed a conscience and Imperialists are freaking out.

We live in a post-constitutional open borders global society where free speech is censored into oblivion especially when you talk about guns. People who talk about those sorts of deplorable things sound like “Trump Supporters” destined for reprogramming camp.

All of a sudden Kamala Harris decides to start following rules and the anarchists are livid. Her part is all scripted in the secret memo but the political diva won’t follow the script.

The whole bizarre situation exploded Thursday after a key official in the Senate made a decision that the left disagrees with strongly.

The Senate “parliamentarian” reported that Senate rules do not allow them to “include a minimum wage increase in President Joe Biden’s first COVID-19 relief legislation.” So what? Democrats say. That’s what they have Kamala Harris for. The problem is Kamala won’t admit she get the memo.

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