Great news for 2nd Amendment advocates! Another state just made it legal to carry a gun without a government-issued permit.

The more law abiding citizens we have armed, the safer our communities will be. This is backed up by pages and pages of studies. It is also plain old common sense. More crimes would be prevented and situations such as we see in inner cities around America where only thugs are carrying because it is illegal or very difficult to obtain a license to carry a self defense arm. It’s time that all 50 states fall in line with this “Constitutional Carry” law.

From Viral Liberty:

As The Federalist Papers reported a few weeks ago, it was predicted that several more states would enact Constitutional Carry laws in 2017. As of Thursday, February 9, it looks like New Hampshire will become the first state to do so in 2017.

The vote took place in the House of Representatives on Thursday morning, and through a long and hard-fought battle, the Senate bill passed through the other chamber with flying colors.

The final vote tally was 200-97, passing the bill.

This new bill, of course, is getting some push back. Representative Robert Elliot thinks the bill will endanger citizens in a “society gone crazy.” He obviously doesn’t get it.

Gun control groups have also tried to fight the bill, stating that it would allow dangerous people to hide guns. Yet again, they JUST DON’T GET IT!

Let’s spell it out for them… Criminals, dangerous people, gang bangers, terrorists, and all others who don’t follow LAWS also don’t care about gun control laws! The only people you gun control freaks will be disarming are law abiding citizens! You will be taking away their right and ability to protect themselves and their families!

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