I always have fun during the Super Bowl, even when the team I like isn’t involved, which happens to be most of the time.

I just enjoy what is going on on the field, and it is a very fine athletic display. I always am on the lookout for something interesting to happen. Like the time the power went out in the stadium a few years ago.

Anyway, with everything going on with the pandemic I am trying to keep things as low key as possible so I don’t have to deal with listening to this liberal nonsense from the people that live around me. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop broadcasting the game on the wall of my garage with a projector. That is really cool by the way.

For some people, going out is the thing to do. They like sitting and watching the game on a TV in a bar and enjoying the people around them. However, they are trying to even keep people from doing that.

The globalist’s games never cease. But globalists do seek to cease your fun and games.

People are fighting back tirelessly with a recall petition for their sadistic governor, Gavin Newsome and if you are in California, we strongly urge you to support this and help out.  Until then, things in California continue to deteriorate, fast.

5 days ago, L.A. County reopened outdoor dining while simultaneously banning Televisions from restaurants.  This allows Big Government to appear reasonable for a moment even though they are still just tyrants who created a tyrannical mandate in order to appear benevolent by easing it from time to time when the masses obey.

By banning TV’s they also make these establishments much less appealing, causing people not to congregate.  This drastically reduces the formation of human bonds among citizens while furthering a totalitarian culture of mistrust and hopelessness.

Bill Melugin of FOX LA reported:



The irony of all this is that banning televisions from private business establishments will only force decent reasonable citizens to celebrate indoors at their own homes.

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