The left-wing group that organized the violent riot that shut down of the Milo Yiannopoulos event in Berkeley, CA is backed by none other than George Soros.

George Soros has been kicked out of multiple countries for fomenting dissent and rebellion through funding these fascist groups.

He is in short trying to impose a new world order through the backdoor. But ginning up support and paying rioters to carry out demonstrations, he creates the illusion that Trump is unpopular.

All recent polling – and polls always undercount Trump support – show Trump’s numbers are skyrocketing.

This is a well-planned assault on democracy and Soros was getting away with it. But there has been a shift, a conservative awakening sweeping the globe. And it is kicking Soros out of country after country.

Here is the links between Soros and the rioters. According to breitbart,

The Alliance for Global Justice is funded by the George Soros-backed Tides Foundation, reportedly donated $50,000 to fund Refuse Fascism, which openly brags about using violence to shut down conservative and libertarian speech.

“While it is unclear whether those who carried out the violence were paid to do so, the benefactors of the Alliance for Global Justice — and Refuse Fascism — are listed online,” reported the Daily Caller. “According to its most recent 990 tax form, Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ) received $2.2 million in funding for the fiscal year ending in March 2016. One of the group’s biggest donors is the Tides Foundation, a non-profit funded by billionaire progressive philanthropist George Soros. Tides gave AfGJ $50,000.”

If he keeps this up, the USA will be next. He will have to retreat to Monaco and Switzerland or wherever money can hide one from the real people.

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    • Barbara Patterson

      Bar him from our country. He is an evil man. He can use his billions to help the vets or homeless. How c an a man that has so much be so evil. He’s training his son to take over if he croaks. Nice family. Look what Trump raised compared to his lifestyle. Heaven help us.

      • John pomaro

        I am just saying The Lord Works in funny ways we shall see time will tell mr. Sorrows

      • Kat

        Amen Our Lord will do a wonderful number on Mr Sonos and it’s up to us to pray for our country’s protection so He can do His best work, amen

      • Kate

        I know God has a plan for Soros, but I cannot deny that I would enjoy seeing Soros get his comeuppance sooner rather than later. The man has caused harm and pain for far too long.

      • Jimi Nelson

        Beverly, are you friggin serious, this is a fact ? George Soros nephew married to Chelsea ? OMG the depth and reach the Clinton’s have and the amount of money they have basically embezzled, corrupted governments and made behind door deals, OMG

      • Tina

        We are so blessed that Hillary did not win the election. Thank you Lord Jesus.

      • Jerry

        Yes she is married to his nephew. ALL the clintons are liars and crooks.

      • Donna

        Yes this is true. Chelsea Clinton is married to Soto’s nephew. You can Google it.

      • REtha carter

        Snopes is a far left liberal ! Do not Give honest responses

      • Bre

        I found several sites that said it was just something Baio said & then rumors started on different social media & newspaper sites. Fake news. Just something people wanted to believe was true.

      • Deborah Lundy

        You can’t believe anything that comes out of Snopes. Soros finances Snopes.

      • Gary

        Snopes bald face lies to run interference for the liberals…I saw that post refuting his nephew is married to her but I’ve come to learn that Snopes is not reliable…fake facts in overdrive…

      • lambda5555m

        Soros is trying to bring down America, and could easily be doing it for fun, like he crashed the economy of Poland I think, just because he could. He wants to bring American down. Why he isn’t in jail or in a grave is beyond me. Why do we let this kind of thing go on? He needs to be charged with crimes and go to jail. This guy is a loser and should be imprisoned….

      • Towncar

        He has offices in Manhattan, and lives in luxury in 6 residences…one a triplex in the East 50’s…Glenn Beck on FNC calculated that Soros funds 98 separate groups, and those split into sub-groups that promote active dissent and violence. Beck referred to him as “The Spooky Dude”. Beck was also personally threatened with great bodily harm to himself and family if he did not STFU about Soros. Beck left FNC about a month later. You can connect the dots. The man is evil incarnate.

    • Sheryl lima

      Why is he walking around why send him out of country instead make him pay for distruction caused because of him paying rioters. An he needs to be changed for his crimes an criminal contribution to distroy countries. Especially AMERICA…He should be changed with crimes against AMERICA an the AMERICAN PEOPLE

    • GByron

      I have to make this comment. When you say we do not need him or his money I agree to a certain extent. Unfortunately America has been for sale for many years now. You need to Google and look at the list of American companies that George Soto’s owns or controlling stock in. Companies we use everyday. Companies such as FedEx, UPS, AT&T, the list is astounding what one can buy into and take over if they have the money. Between Sotos and China, America is not American anymore.

  1. Elaine

    Kicking a person out of the U. S. because he is not good for America??? What is this world coming to? I’m sure the leftist liberals he supports will be having none of this. Keep America Safe!!!

    • Joei

      What is this world coming to? Really? Hello open your eyes. Stop being in denial, come out of your safe place and take a real good look at the mess this man has contributed to, he’s a bad man and needs to be in prison not sent abroad. Then and maybe then America will be safe again.

  2. Sharon

    Ban him and freeze his assets for paying protesters to damage property and endanger people and trying to fix the election Hillary was his puppet when she was Sec.of state. He is evil!

    • Don Bailey

      Sharon, You have made the most down to earth common sense comment that solve many problems that this worthless human being causes. You are right, the man is evil because he would love to dismantle our form of government.

  3. Sanford Bolin

    He is a traitor lock him up for trying to overthrow the government ! Use his money to deport immigrants and pay back the government for damages

  4. Jose Carleno

    This greedy scum created a currency havoc in Asia in 1997 through manipulation of trading using his enormous Quantum Fund and reputedly made billions but caused untold sufferings. He should be banned from the face of this earth for prospering at the expense of others’ sufferings.

    • Duane Damen

      Soros made a billion dollars when he broke the bank of England in 1992. Now he is working on us. Not only him but his family needs to be contained.

  5. Clarence Kavanaugh

    The man is a war criminal, served in the SS during the Second World War, help steal the wealth of others in Hungary. Now promotes Fascism and creates chaos to form a One World Government. This man should be tried for his crimes and if found guilty should be strip of his wealth and property as he did to all those decades before.

  6. Paul Milazzo

    How about get rid of the picture of Trump and Ivanka. He is now our president and continuing that is of no use, much less respect for your efforts.

    • Kathleen Lawler

      There are 2 men who God allowed to get very rich. One used his riches to tear countries down using his money to cause chaos and division. The other wealthy man left his comfortable home and riches to help his country fight the Elite who have all but destroyed it. He is trying to bring back jobs, get rid of criminals, help people in the tax department so they can expand their businesses, getting rid of Obama care so companies can now start letting their employees work more than 30 hours a week. He President Trump is also trying to stop the movement of Radical Muslims into our country. They said they will destroy us from within and fly their flag over our White House. Last but not by any means least Trump has kicked political correctness out the window. We are now allowed to say Merry Christmas again instead of Happy Holidays. So much of normal America is gone because of Liberals pushing their agenda. It was a sad day in America when a couple lost their business as a bakery because they were Christians and refused to bake a cake for a gay couple. I find it hard to believe with Soros’s record that anyone running for political office could take his money. The Liberal/Socialist/Democrats accept his money. Not the old fashioned Democrats. I am not sure if the bakery got their business back or not. Many people were trying to help them. Also, our new President respects our military and our Police. God helped Trump get in office and he got the House and the Senate. But those dang liberals still want him out of office. We must have messed up the one world power plan when we asked our Heavenly Father for help to bring our nation back to Him. No more babies soon will have to go through the pain of being torn limb from limb even up to the time of delivery. Who would take a newborn baby and take its head off? Tear its arms and legs off. The only difference is before it is born it is still nestled inside of its mama and you cannot hear its screams. Liberals will have to answer to God for that. But now taxpayers money will no longer pay for that terrible act to continue. Planned Parenthood says they are for women’s health. But they do not own 1 mammogram machine to help detect breast cancer. Liberals are for Soros and against President Trump.

      • Keith Storer

        Pretty incredible! I have no words for the brand of illusion you suffer from. I’d be happy to inform you about these matters, and where you’ve gone wrong, and provide proof but you’d never believe me. You’re in a bubble of your own disinformation, and you haven’t the capability to pop it. You have a right to your opinion, but not your own facts. Wow, you are some sort of special aren’t ya hun?

      • Ron Zaccagnini

        Amen. Thanks Kathleen. You are right on! God is at work, and bringing his plan to completion. Soon and very soon…..

  7. kaithern

    Why isn’t he been arrested come on congress put him in jail and throw away the keep he has done more then Martha Stewart

  8. Brian Freed

    Soros sorry just add the letter “T” to read “Tsoros” In Yiddish it means”trouble” my how appropriate.If the glove fits wear it. !

  9. monstersdoexist

    He is nearing the end of his contract with Satan and the Lord of Haides surely is displeased with his performance.

  10. Seth

    Some guy got shot at one of his riots. Everything that has happened at those riots you can more or less charge him with. He orchestrated them and you know his desire is to cause as much evil and in his own words finds agony in others euphoric.

  11. Jim

    I’m surprised Israel has not snatch him for his actions in WW ll turning his own Jewish people to the S.S. to be sent off to concertration camp and extermentated

  12. Stephen W Brummitt

    Don’t let him go ANYWHERE, before arresting him for treason; AND, freezing his assets! If not actually confiscating them to pay for The Wall, and paying down our national debt!

  13. Sandra Medlin

    I am sending prayers to our Heavenly Father to take this evil man and expose his wrong doing. Then for Christ to deal with Soros as He sees fit. Thy will be done.

  14. Marie V. Tucker

    Elaine, this man has caused insurrection in many countries. He was involved with the Nazis in the second world war. He needs to be arrested for instigating protesters and paying them. He wants a new world order and would do the work of the devil to get it. Look it up.

  15. Brian Bell

    I don’t want him banned I would like to see him arrested for his activities, his fortune confiscated and distributed to the people harmed by his activities all across the globe.

  16. Leo

    Soros is clearly, and contrary to the argument of some, not worth keeping within our borders. He is beyond wicked.

  17. Bob

    Shouldn’t this man be considered a national security threat? Time for Trump to get involved. Call in Navy Seal team to take this scum out.. Let God judge him after??

  18. Doreen

    I believe Soros is a threat to our country and should be arrested! He is PURE EVIL AND TRYING TO DISTROY US! FREEZE HIS MONEY then see how much power he has! Instead of using his money for GOOD he uses it for EVIL! HE NEEDS TO BE STOPED ALONG WITH THE Dems! All of them are a DISGRACE TO US ALL!

  19. neo

    IF a non profit organization is caught backing illegal activities, they should lose their tax status immediately, and the lead person/persons face charges for the activities ….

  20. Deloy

    I’m all for those who look to harm or dismantle and disrupt the goings on of the United States to be shipped out immediately.

  21. Gib

    To be blunt, the SOB needs to be put in the ground by any means, and the sooner the better.

  22. Linda M Call

    Chelsea is not married to Soros’ relative, but the son of one of Clinton’s old friends and a partner from the whitewater scandal.

  23. Michael

    I told you old man. You can’t run from Death. It has found you. You will not live much longer. The life that you have left will come at a cost, your pain. Yes Death has found you. Will you die today? Tomorrow? Soon old man. Soon.

  24. Lois

    Banning him won keep him from doing his evil deeds. Until he has a marble marker over his head, he’s a threat.

  25. Allen Huff

    He can’t destroy our democracy we don’t have one. That’s the only thing I think you got wrong. We’re a republic. The elites want more people to think it’s a democracy so the can make a mob over take our government!

    • Donna Cummings

      Very good point! We get too familiar with the idea that our country is a Democracy when it is suppose to be a Republic. Does this have anything to do with the fact that our two main political parties that are constantly at war with each other and yet owned by the same people, are the Democrats and Republicans?

  26. Samuel Hay

    Why wait for yet another incident? Putin would love to have him incarcerated. As a matter of fact Putin has an arrest warrant issued for Soros for financing and inciting riots.

  27. CommonSenseAmerica

    No where in this story, did I see the “tragic news”. Nice click bait.

  28. CommonSenseAmerica

    Soros is a Rothschild puppet. The Rothschild is the most evil and corrupt family, on the entire planet.


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