I love playing golf, and even though I am terrible at it I try to get out at least once every couple of weeks.

However, with everything closed and social distancing rules in effect I have to keep mindful of the needs of others as well as other folks I do not even know.

That’s why when I told my kids that the sports were cancelled and that they could not go out to play with their friends right now they asked how they were going to be able to do sports.

Well, for the team stuff, I was able to buy them one of the baseball MLB games for the Xbox. I bought one for golf, and we are all staying in and not being hypocrites.

Michelle Obama is getting throttled after she told residents in Washington D.C. to “stay at home.” It was soon discovered Barack Obama wasn’t following those orders at all. He was caught golfing and having a great time in the outdoors. Don’t miss this.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama and former President Barack Obama do not appear to be on the same page regarding stay-at-home orders. Michelle recorded a message urging Americans to stay home, even though her husband was caught golfing in Virginia at a private country club.

“Hi everybody, it’s Michelle Obama. Our communities are among the hardest hit by the coronavirus, and we’ve got to do everything we can to keep each other safe,” says the former first lady in the 30-second PSA. “And that means staying home because even if we are not showing any symptoms, we can still spread the virus to others. Let’s keep each other safe by just staying home. Thank you so much and God bless.”

On Sunday, Politico’s Playbook shared a photo of former President Obama playing golf Saturday in Virginia.

Obama is a member of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Gainesville, Virginia, where some golf courses remain open, despite Maryland and Washington, DC, closing off their facilities.

Reports of the obvious discrepancy skyrocketed after Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out the Obamas on his show Wednesday.

“It didn’t seem to occur to her that those standards might also apply to her family,” Carlson said. “And that’s why she didn’t mention essential trips to your country club.”

Americans blasted Michelle for lecturing the rest of us while Barack went golfing. 

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  1. Ron Hopkins

    Michelle and her slime third world dictator husband are above the law just like the Clintons. What ever they say you can bet your life savings their doing the opposite. I would love to see these four clowns in a room by themselves and a couple of jihad vest bomb Muslims run in. Yes that would make my day, lol! Nuff said!


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