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If there is any other country that I have been to other than the United States, I would have to say that I enjoyed Mexico the most. My wife worked in Mexico for years and we still have friends down there.

When we visit, the talk of illegal immigration is a little bit different than it is up here. Trust me, there are Mexicans that can’t stand the illegals crossing over just like we cannot stand them.

Added to that, the burden of care gets put back on the illegals who are at that point also illegally entering Mexico. It’s pretty sickening that Joe Biden doesn’t want to offer real solutions to this problem.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Tuesday that his country is doing better than the United States in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, even though Mexico’s per capita death rate is probably higher and the country has vaccinated less than 1% of its population.

López Obrador said Tuesday that comparing countries is in “bad taste,” but went on to say “the most powerful nation on earth, our neighbor, did worse than us.”

The Mexican government’s “estimated” death toll from COVID-19 is now about 201,000. The United States death toll is around 500,000, but its population is 2.6 times larger.

Moreover, estimates of excess deaths in Mexico since the start of the pandemic suggest the COVID-19 toll is now well above 220,000. Mexico has administered about 1.7 million vaccine doses, while the U.S. has given 64 million shots.

President López Obrador blamed rich countries for “hoarding” vaccines, calling that “totally unfair,” and said “the U.N. has to intervene.”
López Obrador has demanded the United States vaccinate the millions of Mexicans living in the U.S. with or without legal documents; Mexico says its consulates in the United States have even been registered as vaccination centers.

But a photo circulated on social media showed a sign posted last week outside one Mexico City vaccination center stating “No Foreigners Will be Vaccinated.”

President spokesman Jesús Ramírez said that was a mistake, and promised everyone over 60, foreigners and Mexicans alike, would have access to vaccines.

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  1. Luis D Rey

    Malevolent Joe Biden a.k.a. Biden Likes Minors (BLM) is an unrepentant Devil a la The Apostate and Communist Pope

  2. Luis D Rey

    Joe Biden can’t even take AMLO’S socks off,
    AMLO will not allow that Devil to touch him !!

  3. WhiteFalcon

    Biden will not offer a solution to the problem because Biden is the problem. Get rid of Biden and his entire so called administration and replace it with real conservative patriots and the problem will disappear.


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