Joe Biden is an absolute creep and everyone should know it.

It’s not like this is a new thing and to be honest with you, there are so many people that are coming out of the woodwork to say something about it.

It is great that so many people are coming forward to say something about his hateful deeds.

The accusers that Joe Biden once said we must believe did not have any witnesses but the latest two Biden accusers have seven and six witnesses.

But the liberals would have us believe that Christine Blasey Ford who had zero evidence is credible and Biden’s accusers with evidence are not. The world is turned upside down.

The very latest accuser was just fourteen years old when Joe Biden allegedly harassed him by saying she was very well endowed for a fourteen-year-old.

But the most important thing is she has witnessed. Six of them so far to be exact. She told two of them, a friend and her brother about it at the time it happened and four more a couple of years after the incident.

Eva Murry is now 26 years old and she says that Biden sexually harassed her by commenting on her breasts.

Many people deny that Joe Biden has ever done anything wrong. Don’t they ever watch TV or read a newspaper. Biden hasn’t exactly hidden his creepy side in public with women and small children.

Speaking to Law & Crime, Eva Murry, 26, claims that she was sexually harassed by Biden at First State Gridiron Dinner & Show in 2008, a swanky political roast for Delaware press and politicians similar to the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Murry is the niece of former Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, who was running for senate against Biden at the time and had occasionally went to political events for school credit. She was in Middle School at the time.

At the dinner, Murray says that when she met Biden he asked her age and then, surprised by her youth, commented about how she was “very well endowed for fourteen!”

“I remember walking into the lobby and being in awe of all the people in such fancy clothes,” Murry told Law & Crime. “Our two parties of people gravitated towards each other and everyone started saying their hellos. When it was Biden and my aunt’s turn to say hello he quickly turned to me and asked how old I was. I replied with my age and he replied with the comment ‘Fourteen? You’re very well endowed for 14!’ I was confused but it was definitely weird, he looked me up and down and hovered his eyes on my chest so I had some clue [about] the notion of his comment but didn’t fully understand at the time. We quickly separated from his area after the encounter.”

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  1. Big Ed

    It would sound like curtains for Biden, if I hadn’t seen this show previously. Old Joe has lost it, his fastball, his softball and his marbles. The Democrats don’t really want him, but they need a “classy” way to disappear him, so as not to have the Democrat base abandon the party because of their perfidy. This show is generally reserved for Republicans, but it generally works so well that it’s worth another try. Get a girl to claim sexual abuse in the past (could be 30 or 40 years ago) and use that to destroy the competitor. If that don’t do the trick, throw on another girl or two-add girls until the desired effect is achieved. Joe may finally have to drop out, and of course it will be his own fault, so he can’t be mad at anyone else and the base never has to know.

  2. Lobo

    Soon a day will come when the world will be in the shitter and all the wrong blame will come to a day of reckoning. For forty years Sick Joe has groped, sniffed licked and the BIG ONE. Anyone who is intelligent enough to read knows this. My God, you want him running the country. Word is he didn’t know the toilet from the sink.

  3. Drosack

    The reality is that Joe must go one way or the other. He is a place holder and if they need him gone, which they do, they will be rid of him under the bus when “their” timing is right. Sad thing…I happen to believe her.

    • David Taylor

      Prognostication: one-by-one the demoncraps have eliminated all their candidates as being not popular enough, not financed enough, too socialistic, not attractive enough, unelectable, etc and pushed for old Joe. He officially WON the primary to BE the demoncrap candidate. Don’t be concerned! Biden will NOT be the their candidate because he is a total loser. In fact, the DNC has been talking re-running Hildebeast or maybe Mitchelle. Thjis is what is going to happen! When they have their convention, Joe will be made an offer so “juicy” he will voluntarily withdraw his candidacy. NOW WHAT????? The DNC will now conduct a “brokered” convention to select their ticket. Look who has been on TV a lot – Cuomo. He has been on TV almost constantly since the advent of COVID-19. He even managed to have his son “contact” the virus and go into isolation (already proven to be phony) just to give Cuomo’s message viability. Additionally, the top three dems with national name and face recognition is Cuomo and the two women mentioned. PLUS, dems have “strongly” indicated there will be a woman on the ticket. Both Hildebeast and Mittchelle would strip-in-public to be the VPOTUS. Don’t believe me? WAIT-AND-SEE!!!!!

  4. Bemused Berserker

    Am I surprised that the DNC is still supporting Dementia Joe? Hell No! The Democrats have historically long been the party of Double Standards. If it wasn’t for their Double Standard, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.
    In spite of Liberal claims, Biden the Buffoon, has a long history Sexual Inappropriateness throughout his career. They’re choosing to ignore and obfuscate about his pattern. This blatant hypocrisy has been going on since at least the Kennedy Administration, yet the MSM enables the behavior by ignoring it.
    Dementia Joe is not a viable candidate. I seriously doubt he’s capable of dressing himself, let alone run the country. His family and handlers are either in denial about his declining mental condition, or they’re attempting to hide it (not very successfully), in which case, it’s outright criminal behavior on there part.
    What should scare the sh*t out of most of us is what will happen if he’s elected. Within a short time (hours, days or weeks) following his inauguration, he’ll be declared unfit to serve, and his VP pick will become President. Quite frankly, his list of possible choices are as frightening as they come. Every one of them so far Left, they’re in danger of falling off the edge.
    If that possibility doesn’t skid marks your shorts, you’ve ice in your veins.

  5. Ron Hopkins

    This corrupt clown has gotten a pass for decades. Now after being in government for 50 years I’m supposed to believe he’s going to fix things? Only a complete moron would believe that! Unfortunately there’s plenty of them out there. Biden’s just another lifer in government who made his family millionaires through his connections. A F::ken scumbag who deserves all the crap thrown at his senile ass. I don’t feel any pity for this slime. He lived the high life off the taxpayers dime and now I hope he ends up in a room in his mansion staring at the dust on his furniture for the rest of his shit stained life! Dementia take this asshole away! Nuff said!

  6. DonRS

    Virtually the entire Democrat Party, every day, demonstrates just how EVIL it has become! Irrational, illogical and just totally ANTI-AMERICAN!

  7. Bubba Love

    The Democrat Party has chosen the bottom of the barrel candidate to run against Trump. You would think they learned on serial killer Hillary.


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