Maybe it is safe to say right now that George Soros’ time is up…I mean, his time on Earth is nearly up, and is ready to add him as fertilizer. 

This old man might be super rich but his money won’t save him, he needs to accept his fate that he will die sooner than he thinks.

And he’s going to a VERY ugly place, I hope you like heat, George!

Have you seen a video of Soros lately? This man is half dead! A real zombie!

The world will be a better place without Soros. Yes, this sounds bad, but that’s the truth. And we don’t like to celebrate bad news for anyone here, but for him, I make an exception. Sorry, was that too harsh?

You can watch his latest video posted in Rumble and let us know if you feel the same:

Watch it here: Rumble/Video

Soros says “civilization” won’t survive because of the tension between Russia and Ukraine. Well, you said it wrong George. The world may not survive because of him.

What a terrible man…

I found a few headlines from WLT, that might interest you as well after watching the dying Soros.

  • IYKYK: George Soros Stands With Ukraine:
  • VIDEO Found: George Soros Brags About Setting Up His Foundation In Ukraine:
  • DEEP DIVE: Is Zelensky a Cousin of George Soros?:

Source: WLT

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