We People sometimes thought when we hear the word “philanthropy” – something is doing extraordinary things to humanity. We usually heard this word in some of the most powerful billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, etc.

But are they really doing us some favor? Or the other way around?

Well, the truth is these billionaires are only using it to influence governments and politicians under the guise of philanthropy. It’s sickening how they are buying the governments for so-called charitable works.

And to give you one of the best examples of this is the Open Society Foundations established by George Soros. He uses a charitable front in order to promote “open societies” and to influence elections and policies in countries around the world that do not subscribe to the ideals he likes.

Several governments have banned his organizations from operating within their borders, a move which Soros and his allies can then point to as proof that these are repressive nations.

If you only listened to what Bill Gates tells the media you might think that his only interest is philanthropy. What exactly is he doing with that philanthropy though?

Charity as most of us understands it involves giving to benefit others. This charity treats helping those less able or needier than ourselves as an end in itself which fulfills our duty to help our communities when we can.

Business leaders in America used to build libraries and churches or offer tangible assistance to struggling people. This is the traditional noblesse oblige which Gates and Soros ape and tell us that they are upholding.

Philanthropy as they practice it involves funneling vast amounts of money through the baffling array of nonprofit foundations and organizations which they build and operate.

This money does not go towards simply helping the poor, this cash is devoted to influencing governments and promoting certain agendas. “Advocacy philanthropy” is the usual format nowadays.

They influence elections and policymaking both in the United States and abroad. Instead of helping the poor, these organizations are pouring money into the political system to drown out their voices.

The shadowy world of nonprofit organizations relies on a charitable veneer to hide all of this. “Nonprofit” inherently sounds harmless and inoffensive.

Of course, lots of people make lots of money through these murky nonprofits and the people who fund them get what they want out of the arrangement as well.

It is obvious that these billionaires are using the word “charity” because it sounded nice not until you that charity as they know it involves importing hordes of immigrants for cheap labor and forcing your local governments to teach neoliberal propaganda lessons with your tax dollars.

Source: News Hour First

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