Four hundred men ans boys, ranging in age from six to fifty were kept “House of Torture” Islamic School, where they were beaten and sexually abused before the government moved in and freed them. They are now desperately trying to find the families of the freed prisoners. More than a dozen were sent to the hospital, including ten children who were in bad condition with some coughing up blood. many were found handcuffed to radiators and other objects inside the school. Muslims are disputing the fact that it was an Islamic school because they claim Muslims are not barbaric and would never torture anyone.

From The Daily Mail

Nigerian authorities are scrambling to find the families of the hundreds of men and boys freed from a school where they were kept in chains, sexually abused and tortured.

Police freed as many as 400 captives, aged from six to 50, from the ‘house of horror’ in Kaduna in northern Nigeria in a raid on Thursday.

Some were chained to radiators, tires or hub caps and others bore visible signs of scars from whippings and beatings while others had been sodomised.

More than a dozen, including 10 children, were hospitalised today with some in critical condition, with one vomiting blood.

Police set up a makeshift camp for the others at the edge of the city and were trying to register the freed captives. 

In one of the buildings at the camp, children queued to register their names against a list, later laughing and playing before being served a plate of noodles.

Outside, dozens of parents, faces contorted with worry, gathered to collect their children. 

Some had paid tuition fees to the men running the house believing it to be an Islamic school, while others viewed it as a correctional facility with no expectation of instruction.


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