The most recent “caravan” of Soros funded Central Americans is nothing less than an invasion force. They proved that on Monday by arming themselves with improvised weapons, before illegally storming across the Suchiate river, which forms Mexico’s southern frontier.

Reuters reports that “hundreds of Central Americans waded across a river into Mexico on Monday, some clashing with waiting security forces.”

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has recently been watching our back surprisingly better than most expected. That new trade deal probably has a lot to do with it. Some see it as a way of working off his country’s bill to pay for our desperately needed security wall.

The invading migrants “launched rocks at a few members of Mexico’s National Guard who were on the banks of the river attempting to thwart any illegal crossings.” Most of the intruders were Hondurans, angry at being halted at the bridge.

This latest batch has grown in numbers to almost 2,000 and they’ve been camped on the Guatemala side at Tecun Uman because Mexico won’t let them in. Mexico offered them jobs. If they don’t take the work in southern Mexico, or legitimately qualify for asylum under the strict new rules, then back they go to their home country on the next bus.

“Mexico has offered migrants work in the south, but those who do not accept it or seek asylum will not be issued safe conduct passes to the United States, and most will be deported,” the interior ministry notes in a statement. More than 1,000 have already been shipped back to where they came from.

Guatemala is nervous about this latest group too. Their officials inform that “at least 4,000 people entered from Honduras since Wednesday.” That’s the biggest surge in a long time.

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  1. goodforall

    Go back and help fix your own pathetic country, you are not wanted here! You are only coming for the freebies anyway.

  2. Marcus

    As it should be , It is time Mexico enforced their strict immigration laws and let the Invading Parasites know enough is enough , Tear Gas and Rubber bullets is a start

  3. Jeffrey Simmons

    For some reason these people believe that the United States owes it to them to make sure that they are cared for. There parts of Los Angeles where you cannot get by unless you speak Spanish these people believe that the U.S should cater to them and California does without caring at all for American Citizens but viva La Wetback

  4. outrage

    Instead of “fleeing,” these people will be better off “fighting” corruption in their own countries. But, of course, it is easier to try to enter the USA illegally and find all necessities for free.


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