There are a lot of sports, football namely, where if you play things right you can run out the clock and try some kind of dirty trick to get the other team into a position where they don’t have time to react.

Which is what Pelosi and the Biden crew are doing. They are trying to set things up so that they can try to mess with the PResident at the last possible minute so that he doesn’t have enough time to react. My guess is that they are going to try to do something with the polling stations.

Look, the fact of the matter is that Nancy Pelosi would and does say anything she can in order to become more thick with power.  The woman who was been in power, for what feel like centuries, is notorious or being one of the most ruthless human beings on the face of the planet Earth when it comes to imposing her will on people…

Nancy Pelosi strikes again with the race card. In a tweet on Tuesday, she tweeted the importance of Americans having access to testing and care if they come down with COVID. Apparently, COVID affects black people more than white.

Who would have thought?

The tweet read: “We must ensure that Americans have access to the testing, tracing and treatment that they need to make it through this crisis- especially communities of color, which have been so disproportionately affected by this pandemic.”

What Pelosi may be talking about is the poorer communities with people of color not being able to receive care, but from what I’ve seen, most people that are healthy in general end up being fine. Since there isn’t a vaccine yet, there isn’t much that can be done should someone come down with COVID. So it doesn’t really matter what one’s skin color is, the virus doesn’t see skin color when it attacks.

What Pelosi is doing with her little “communities of color” crack is just trying to bring out more racism and craziness in the name of equality. You would think liberals would eventually get tired of pulling the race card for everything. Unfortunately, it’s the only thing they really have.

To put it in Pelosi’s words, the race card is the only “arrow in their quiver.” In recent days, liberals have gone so extreme as to wish President Trump would die of COVID and are angry over the excellent care he’s received.

They are so incredibly desperate to keep him from gaining another four years in office. We’ve seen how liberals and Democrats have been trying to make the virus political by blaming Trump for every death, every COVID case, and the fact that there isn’t a vaccine yet.

It doesn’t matter that this pandemic is incredibly unprecedented and unlike anything America has faced in years. They don’t seem to care that Trump actually does want COVID to end and has had a team working on a vaccine. He shut down travel to China almost immediately after COVID started.

You can’t say that the man isn’t taking it seriously.

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