The protest in North Carolina over Police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott being ruled as justified turned out to be peaceful for the most part. Although, there were a few protesters that just took things too far and got themselves arrested. What you won’t believe is the request they made to the public!

From Mad World News:

“URGENT–BOND MONEY NEEDED.” Yes, the four entitled brats that had gotten themselves arrested, Landon Rice, 22, James Marsicano, 23, Eleanor Everette, 16, and Ngogloan Tran, 25, had asked the public for bail money.

Perhaps they should have thought twice before obstructing traffic, or in Marsicano’s situation, resisting a public officer. Shortly after they had been arrested, they wrote their desperate plea on Twitter: “URGENT–BOND MONEY NEEDED: CPD Targets Organizers In Non-Indictment In Killing Of Keith L. Scott!”

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