Two weeks after being suspended for claiming the Holocaust was not a race issue, Racist Whoopi Goldberg returned to “The View” on Monday.

She rejoined the talk show on February 14,  Whoopi was suspended earlier this month over remarks she made about the Holocaust on the air.

“Holocaust isn’t about race” since it was about “two white groups of people,” Goldberg said during a discussion about a Tennessee school board banning the graphic novel “Maus” from its curriculum on Jan. 31.

After co-host Ana Navarro said it was about white supremacists going after Jews, Goldberg replied, “But these are two white groups of people! The minute you turn it into race, it goes down this alley. Let’s talk about it for what it is. It’s how people treat each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re Black or white, Jews, it’s each other.”

The interview didn’t help her much. Then she apologized again on the Feb. 1 episode of “The View,” but the network types had had enough.

The next night, ABC News shared a statement from its president, Kim Godwin, reading,Effective immediately, I am suspending Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks for her wrong and hurtful comments. While Whoopi has apologized, I’ve asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments.”

Goldberg’s absence was only briefly addressed on-screen during the February 2 show, with co-host Joy Behar acknowledging that she would be back in two weeks.

Whoopi has been a frequent race baiter on The View when it comes to issues facing the black community.

Sources: 100percentfedup, Shinemycrown, Vulture

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  1. Robert E McCormick

    Not sure Woopi is capable of realizing it, but in her own racist way she made a valid point. Jew isn’t a race, it’s a religion. Anyone heard the left referring to the muslim race? Take it all the way; black white, yellow and brown ain’t races,they are variations on the human race; we’re all stuck with each other.
    Enough of the race bs, I don’t care if you’re a Jew as long as you are not after my money, I don’t care if you’re a muslim as long as you’re not fixing to blow me up and I don’t care if you’re black as long as you are not a racist gang banging criminal. Like MLK said,it’s all about the content of your character.
    What Woopi said, it’s about hate and division.

  2. Jesse

    Whoopi is a Democrap and that means she HATES anyone who does not accept WILLFUL LIBERAL IGNORANCE. By choosing to be a Democrap she says I AM A RACIST. She says Minorities can not do anything unless Democraps give them what they have. Then there is how Democraps treat those in Minorities that do not buy the IGNORANCE that is LIBERALISM. I mean look at what they did to Thomas and Hill only did it because he married a white woman. They called him an Uncle Tom and that is the polite name they used. Members of the Black Caucus do it to any Republican minority person. Look how Blacks attack Asians. Those are the supposed non-racist Blacks. Whoopi in her INFINITE IGNORANCE is a RACIST because she chooses to be a RACIST but LIES to herself about it. Look at Pedo Joe he has been saying all sorts of RACIST things just as does Al Taxdodger Sharpton, Jackson, MAD MORON Maxine, all Democraps in private. Look at Byrd a supposed Champion of Minorities who at his Funeral was a Member in GREAT STANDING in the KKK. Many Democraps are members they just don’t announce it. Whoopi even defended a white guy in black face because they were dating it was Ted Danson of Cheers fame.


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