Personally, I would like to know as much about people that are supposed to be in charge of important things as far as decency would allow.

At the end of the day, you have to know that they are worth their salt when it comes to the ability to do the job that they are hired.

It’s one of the reasons why if you have a stretch in jail for embezzlement you probably are not going to get that job for the cashier at the bank when you get out.

Anthony Fauci isn’t just a doctor, he gets to play one on TV. Somehow, “Doctor Deep State” managed to rake in nearly twice as much taxpayer money in his 2019 salary as Vice President Mike Pence. Playing doctor is good for big bucks these days.

He’s allegedly the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Fauci was paid $417,608 for that in 2019. Forbes learned about it through a recent FOIA disclosure.

That’s a slap in the face to roughly 100 million Americans who are “allergic” to common household chemicals. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a lot more complicated than that, but there isn’t a whole lot of research on the subject.

Those affected have been begging for help understanding and treating their condition for a long, long, time and demand to know why the top allergy doc, raking in all that green, refuses to admit that their medical condition even exists. Some say that he really works for the people who own the industries trying to wipe them out.

In the year reported, Vice President Pence was paid $235,100 for his services, just over half of what Fauci makes. The lucky doctor even managed to make more than Donald Trump.

You can guarantee that Tony didn’t donate his paycheck back to the people.

Forbes further relates that the rock star researcher nailed down the number two slot on the highest paid federal employees list.

Only Jeffrey Lyash makes more than Fauci but that’s because the CEO of Tennessee Valley Authority gets part of his salary from sources other than the taxpayer.

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