A huge story just came out about democrats completely wasteful spending!

Democrats tried to pass a bill that would have wasted hundreds of thousands, to over a million dollars! The republicans humiliated then with some facts and logic on how to save on this wasteful spending.

Thank God we have a republican in the office now, democrats just throw away money on the most pointless endeavors.

Democrats wanted to have Spanish translations on their legislative website. Whoever came up with this idea must not have any tech or internet skills… The bill would require Spanish translations to be added to the state website.  The estimated cost was from $60,000 to $1.5 million.

They were just going to carelessly throw that money away until the republicans stepped in! The bill was hastily thrown out and then democrats were thoroughly humiliated after one of the republicans took to the floor to show them how to use Google translate FOR FREE.

And if that weren’t enough, State Rep. Keith Wheeler sent them an AMAZING email!

From World News Politics:

State Rep. Keith Wheeler, R-Oswego, emailed House members to show them how after he ended the debate in the most badass way,

“Following up on yesterday’s debate on the House Floor, I would like to offer the following links which can be placed on your district (or any other) website to give constituents easy access to the ilga.gov website in the language of their choice,” Wheeler wrote in the email, before noting that this will work for not just Spanish, but also” Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Polish, Greek, among other languages, by adding a country’s code in the URL.”

“Why are we against a great free bipartisan solution?” State Rep. Mark Batinick, R-Plainfield said. “We should have a Kumbaya and have a beer afterwards. Let’s pull this bill out of the record, let’s amend it. Let’s do something that’s free and help people who speak every language.”

Hahahaha! That’s great!

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  1. Walter Euler Sr

    When I immigrated in 1955 and my wife to be in 1956 , I already had studied English in advance for four years and six months prior of leaving my home Country. Who in hell even expected to have everything translated for him or her?!!!
    What a farce this is to make the American tax payers pay for this farce. Every friggin store or office you go to nowadays has signs up informing everyone what help they can get in any language. Politicians in the past twenty years sure blew the money like there never would be an end to it from where it came from. I am glad the republicans threw out the proposed Spanish translations to the websites in Washington. Let them learn like we all did in the past. Anyone who wants to be an American, and really wants to pass the Citizenship requirements needs to speak the language as well as study about the American Constitution, Government and History of this great Nation. If they do not want to put in this effort they should either stay out to start with, or should be kept out period. We do not need blood-tax-suckers any further.

    • Thomas Morris

      How about they use the #1 button for the Foreign translations instead of Americans to Push 1 for English. I live IN America, NOT outside it. What a bunch of Fruitcakes.


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