A Pennsylvania lunch lady is faces with a moral dilemma with the poor students in her middle school.

Stacy Koltiska quit her job and his now taking a stand for the underprivileged students at the middle school. The schools new policy for delinquent lunch accounts was what pushed her to leave the job. She couldn’t be the one to take away a child’s hot meal and throw it away just because their account is past due.


From awm:

According to the policy “After overdrawing the cafeteria account by twenty-five dollars, students in grade K-6 will be able to charge an alternate lunch which will consist of a sandwich, a fruit/vegetable serving and milk. Students in grades 7-12 will not be allowed to charge any additional lunches.”

Speaking with a local news station, Koltiska said “They get one slice of cheese between two cold pieces of bread, not even toasted. What am I supposed to do? Take their hot tray, remove the food, put down the cheese sandwich and throw it away? And the food director said, ‘Well, don’t let them see you throw it away.’”

Her discontent with the policy came to a head when she was required to seize one young student’s lunch.

“He was like, ‘Oh chicken,’ and his eyes welled up with tears and it was so heartbreaking and I’ll never forget it,” Koltiska said.

What a heart breaking thing for anyone to have to do to a child. That they would rather throw away perfectly good food than to feed a child?? There’s nothing right about this absurd policy. The former lunch lady was not going to remain silent on the issue, so she took to Facebook.

She stated that these people are blindly making these policies, sitting in their office’s while people like herself are the ones that have to look into the tear filled eyes of these children and take away their hot lunch. She has to reinforce these ridiculous rules. There needs to be a better way.

This is blatant child abuse! Taxpayers fund the public school system and all children are entitled to receive hot lunches! It’s a fact that children perform better academically when they eat a nutritious meal! How dare these people deny the children that which we have paid for!

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  1. Badrooster

    This comment is directed solely to the crass idiots in charge at the board of education for the schools in their districts. How dare you take away food from the children in which you are charged to educate for future tax payers and possibly great leaders of this country. So I say to all of you now. You are all lower than whale shit on the bottom of the ocean. You should all know and understand what kind of an economy that we have today. There are many parents that cannot always afford to pay for their children’s school lunch’s on time. That why there are school lunch programs put into place so that all school children will have at least one healthy meal. For many of our children, this unfortunately is a sad fact. They should not be the ones that suffer because the idiots in charge want to keep their cushy jobs and eat their steaks and lobster at the end of the when they return home from sitting on their asses.


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