Democrats, by and large, are a group of people that you have to wonder what the heck their end game is.

Surely they know that people won’t take their crap for much longer. I imagine that part of it has something to do with the fact that they are trying to squirrel enough money away so that they can make a quick escape if they ever need to. You know, the way Bin Laden had money sewn into his coat.

But with them trying to push Biden down our throats, it is only a matter of time until we end up paying for someone else’s meal every time we go out to eat.

If you think the cost of sending your kid to college is high now, wait and see what happens if Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democrats, who have moved so far to the left that they would make Stalin blush, get their way.

It is a basic principle of economics that when you subsidize things the cost goes up.  According to

‘The New York Times recently reported that “86%” of Affordable Care Act enrollees receive government subsidies. While much of the media still believes that healthcare subsidies mean “lower costs” for consumers, they have it entirely backwards.

First of all, subsidies, are not like store discounts. The government actually uses our hard earned tax-dollars to help pay for many people’s government grants, loans, or targeted tax breaks. Secondly, subsidies make goods and services – like health care – more expensive in the marketplace. Think about it. When government chips in to pay part, or all, of the tab, why would providers need to control the cost of their products? They’re getting their money either from us, from government or a combination of both.

Take college education. In 1970, the average American family only had to spend around 16% of its annual income in order to pay for a four-year tuition at a private university. Today, the average family would have to pay 36% of its income in order to pay for the same product. Meanwhile, federal student loans and grants – subsidies — have risen from a mere $20 billion in 1972 to over $150 billion in 2012.’

Now imagine what will happen if Biden takes Schumer’s advice and ‘cancels’ student loan debt …

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  1. ox

    Isn’t Schumer the good little Bolshevik. People don’t want the money, they want their jobs back and kids in school where they belong. What is happening to America and it’s citizens are all being done by design, (on purpose).


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