A “secret” peaceful protest has been going on all weekend and will end outside the Super bowl stadium today.

I have yet to see liberals be “peaceful” about protesting so we’ll see how this goes…

From USA Today:

They gathered after nightfall at an undisclosed location downtown.

People representing more than a half-dozen protest groups that are set to march and rally here Super Bowl weekend met to coordinate their efforts — in a way New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick would have appreciated. That is to say, the protesters discussed using encrypted communication that would keep opponents from intercepting their messages.

It was so secretive Tuesday night, not all of the group representatives got the full game plan, said Blake Stroud, who created a group called #ResistHouston to connect the protesters and provided USA TODAY Sports with an account of the meeting.

“I guess they’re going for the element of surprise,’’ he said.

The goal: Present a large, loud, peaceful and, in the end, united front, mostly targeting President Trump and his policies on immigration. No fewer than five marches and rallies are scheduled across Houston for Friday through Sunday, and the protests will culminate on game day outside NRG Stadium, site of Super Bowl LI.

Please comment below if you’re as tired as I am of seeing them protest President Trump at EVERY turn!

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