What started out as a joke apparently became a bit too real for one TikTok influencer.

Online shopping has really improved the experience for the consumer. One can shop whenever they want, comfortably seated at their own home. This also has a minor drawback in that errors can occasionally arise, sometimes to the point where they are irreversible.

According to Insider, 21-year-old Quenlin Blackwell, who has 7.9 million followers on the social media platform, is facing a backlash after she begged viewers for donations, saying she “accidentally” bought a couch for $100,000.

On Oct. 6, Blackwell posted a video where she appears to be crying in a car because, according to the influencer, she entered her card details into an online bid for a couch. In the video, Blackwell said that she “was joking” when she put her card information in, but the website charged her account regardless.

Blackwell (@quenblackwell) recently posted a video of herself crying uncontrollably while explaining her potentially fake story.

“I accidentally bought a $100,000 couch,” an on-screen caption read.

In the video, she said, “ I have to pull over right now because I’m about to f*****g throw up. I just put an offer on a couch, and I was joking. I was joking, but I put in my card information, and it just charged my f*****g account. I almost crashed my car when I saw it.”

After going through this horrible experience, she begged her followers and fans for money so she could buy what she had “accidentally” purchased.

“If you have a million dollars, can you please donate? Can you please donate, please? If you have a million dollars, can you let me borrow some, please?” she continued.

Blackwell posted a follow-up video after the original went viral. She stated that she would not be receiving a refund for the couch she unintentionally bought.

She said that she needed money for dental work as well as to replace a side mirror on her car and that she intended to open an OnlyFans account in order to make money. She said, “I don’t want to, but I’m going to have to.”

“I don’t want to do a job. I’m about to throw up because I know they didn’t refund me,” she said.

Watch the video below:

Sources: AWM, Insider

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