How much harm can a door do? For this 48-year-old woman, it might run her savings dry.

Miranda Dickson who lives in Edinburgh’s New Town, had her Georgian front door painted last year with pink Dulux paint as part of a renovation. Now, the 48-year-old woman is facing a fine of tens of thousands of dollars after she painted her front door pink.

Miranda, a mother of two, has been asked to pay a hefty fine of up to $23,000. Back in 2019 when she inherited the house from her parents. The city council filed a complaint against her, stating that the door was “not in keeping with the historic character” of the area.

The Edinburgh city council of Scotland informed her that the color of the door must be “dark and muted”, keeping up with Georgian spirit. Reacting to the row, Miranda said that the complaint was “malicious and petty”.

Miranda took to Instagram and shared a picture of the pink door with the caption, “Spooky Season #7DaysUntilHalloween ? And, yes my door is still pink. #SaveThePinkDoor”.

Miranda claimed that the letter sent to her by the Edinburgh authorities stated that the door was “bright pink”, but in fact, it was “light pink”. She also alleged that in the letter she was directed to paint the door white, which goes against the guidelines of dark and muted.

“It’s ludicrous and the absolutely absurd thing is when I asked the council about the other doors in the area they said they would take action if they received a complaint”, she added. In response, she posted a collage of all the bright doors in her neighbourhood which were far from “muted”.

She posted the collage on Instagram with the caption, “Here’s a new fun game …. Guess which one of these Edinburgh New Town Georgian front doors isn’t an ‘appropriate, muted colour’ according to the Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas Guidelines…..” 

A spokesperson for the Edinburgh City Council said:

“The colour of the door is not in keeping with the historic character and appearance of this listed building in the New Town, part of our World Heritage Site.

“The owner agreed the door would be repainted, but as this work has not been carried out, we are taking enforcement action requiring them to repaint the door.”

According to AWM, Dickson’s pink door has become so popular that it has its own Instagram page. Many people snap photos of her new pink door as they travel through the touristy part of town.”

Source: AWM

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