Plastic surgery is one of the operations that many women perform around the world, as many women like to always appear in a decent and beautiful appearance and try to change their appearance through these dangerous operations.

But there are some who go beyond these limits and become addicted and obsessed with these dangerous operations, which spend a lot of money on plastic surgeries to change their appearance. Like this 21-year-old Australian woman who claims that she was boycotted by her entire family after spending tens of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. To transform into a “human Barbie doll”.

Jessica’s dream to become a “human Barbie” cost her over $ 70,000 for cosmetic surgery and is now calling herself Jessie Bunny. Sharing her body measurements on Instagram, she claims to be a “2000 cc (cubic centimeters) and still growing” cup-sized fashion model.

The Vienna resident has undergone three breast augmentation treatments. She also underwent nasal surgery, and lip and brush surgeries. Over the years, she claims to have spent about $ 73,000 on all of these surgeries.

However, this NEW version of Jessica has kept her away from her own family. Jessica told the media that she was totally blocked by her entire family.

Jessica did not expect her family’s reaction and expressed her deep sadness for what she did, especially since she loves to keep in touch with her family on daily basis.

“This is so sad, as I’d love to be in touch, especially with my brother and my grandparents.”

“I used to pretend to be happy and solid, but I wasn’t my true self,” she said. “My parents had very conservative opinions concerning education. Whenever I wore sexy clothes in summer, it was like a nightmare for them. They handed me silk scarves to cover my cleavage.”

On her Instagram account, Jessy Bunny often shares photos showing “how far she’s come” since she began her journey to be a human Barbie doll in 2018. Thousands of people are interested in her content, and she has accumulated more than 92,000 followers at the time of this writing.

Now she boasts about fitting in a 12-N bra and claims she intends to continue to ‘get bigger’ despite her family’s disapproval. 

“Having the biggest silicone breasts in Austria just isn’t enough for me. I want the most voluminous lips in the whole country, too,” she said. “Getting up in the morning and feeling happy and comfortable in your own skin is just wonderful.”

Source: AWM

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