Wishing violence on someone for the fact of what person they want to vote for is one of the silliest things in the world.

I have a neighbor who from all accounts is going to vote Biden. He and I disagree on this one issue. You know what we have been doing the past couple of months? We have been playing chess and talking about what we were going to have for dinner that night.

You know why, because that is what normal people do.

A group of elderly Trump supporters were walking back to their vehicles after the rally in Tulsa, on Saturday night when a mob of young thugs approached them, telling them, “You better f**king move!” An elderly man standing next to two elderly women attempts to stand up to the group of female thugs, telling them to move out of their way. It doesn’t work. The elderly females turn and walk away in the opposite direction of their vehicles.

The follow-up video by independent journalist Drew Hernandez shows one of the black female thugs screaming at the elderly white people as they walk away. Within seconds, a white man wearing a stars and stripes bandana who appeared to be interceding on behalf of the thugs is engaged in a shouting match with the young black girl with a red cap. As she turns on him, she threatens to physically harm him.

The interaction between the young black girl and the elderly man wearing the patriotic bandana escalates to the point of hysteria, until the young black girl, who’s been threatening to beat every elderly white person in her path appears to realize she’s not going to intimidate the elderly man, at which point she appears to start crying.

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  1. Ron Hopkins

    BLM is a terrorist organization and should be labeled one. These ignorant “ useful idiots” are the result of our communist education system. Dopes that haven’t a clue to what their doing! Throwing away their rights in the fake name of keeping their rights! Just like Antifa , fascists fighting fake fascism! F::ken idiots, and commies! Buy guns and plenty of ammo because if your relying on the Republicans to stop this takeover of our culture and our country, then your going to be f::ked! They are useless! Nuff said!

  2. Kay

    These thug terrorist seem to always go after the elderly not the young and fit. Tells you what they are, really nothing more than cowards. They can’t face even odds, it’s always the elderly or five or more against one with them. Bet their parents are so proud they raised cowardly slugs out to show the world just what low lives they really are. As for what they are “protesting” for, well no one cares because they have made it about terrorist vs law abiding, tax paying citizens. Everything else is lost in the violence. Even if we did remember what it was about they have just proven law abiding citizens would want nothing to do with their cause, it promotes worse violence.

  3. Wisewolf

    Groups like Burn Loot and Murder need to be shut down because of their call for political violence. If black lives matter to them, then why don’t they go after the street gangs and get them to stop shooing each other in the streets and endangering the lives of black children? If Black Lives Matter, then who don’t they clean up the “Ghetto” areas and back small businesses to come in and aid in the rebuilding of the black community/

    • Chris Robinette

      And why don’t the BLM be in classes to stop the disruptive kids who do not want an education but want to live off of welfare for all their lives? Education is power and a way to make your life better!! Tell me I am wrong!! Anyone, Tell me I am Wrong!!!!

  4. Fallingroc

    When the time comes, REAL MEN WILL STAND against these MORONS…It WILL END…QUICKLY!!!! They operate as a MOB & sure do yell alot!!! YELLING doesn’t make you TOUGH!!!! Having spent 4 years in the Marine Corps…there IS a DIFFERENCE between SPOILED BRATS & MEN!!!! That time is NEAR…

  5. MikefromTexas

    Someone needs to put a fist in her mouth. Knock the bitch out. Thats what its coming to.

  6. Old wolf

    All This BS makes me think … maybe the north shouldn’t have freed the slaves back in the day . If the north didn’t , the north would have to deal with this BS now . The north freed them and now they owe them ? Where’s there ” thank you ” for it . Shouldn’t they be down in the south telling them they owe them ? Even tho it was the black man that sold their own to any willing to pay for them . Hell even obamas white side owned slaves back in the day . Blacks weren’t the ones made slaves … NA were made slaves to . And it was the black man that helped the white man kill off hole tribes in the name of justice . But still the blacks cry only for their own justice , when their just as bad as the whites they now cry about . Black on black crime is worse then any other crime against blacks . If you can’t agree that all life’s matter , then you have no right to cry about any life . your just a racists using your color as a tool for hate instead of the justice your crying about . If you want to cry about history … then learn the truth about it first . Stop acting like a delusional democrats twisting the truth . You cant change history , Its already set . Be part of the slousion , not the problem . Ending racists hate starts with you . Instead of teaching your kids to hate the color of others you should try to teach them … life’s like a garden with different color flowers that grow side by side … only the ones with the hate fussed in their soul’s will spread more hate … stop that … you will not win in the end . Guess no one belives in god anymore . He is the final judge on judgment day . That’s all I have to say about that


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