This sick demonic worshiper and activist Jex Blackmore has never shied away from controversy in her work. In the past, she attended an alt-right march dressed as a clown, dragged a large cross-dressed as a pregnant, female Jesus figure through anti-choice protesters, and was pelted by 100 pounds of rotten fruit while waiting for her second abortion.

Her appearance on Fox News Detroit’s ‘Let it Rip’ segment hosted by Charlie Langton on Jan. 23 was no different. During the interview, she swallowed an abortion pill to ‘kill the innocent baby’ during a shocking live TV interview. Also, Rebecca Kiessling, a pro-life advocate, and lawyer joined the said interview.

FDA’s recent decision to allow abortion pills to be prescribed in a telehealth appointment and received by mail was the main topic for the segment, it was meant to be a debate between Kiessling and Blackmore.

As she held up the pill to the camera, you can see the satanic tattoos covering her hand. Here’s what Blackmore said before downing the pill with a sip of water:

“I want to show you how easy it is, and how safe it is, by taking it myself.”

Langton asked:

“Are you … you’re not pregnant, are you?”

Blackmore responded:

“I would say that this is going to end a pregnancy. This would be my third abortion.”

In the video clip, Kiessling can be seen shocked and disgusted by what had just occurred while the satanic worshiper Blackmore bragged about killing her third unborn child

Kiessling is an international pro-life speaker and campaigner. She was conceived in rape and has made it her mission to use her story to show others the importance of choosing life, despite the circumstances.

Kiessling is also the founder of Save The 1, an organization that serves to educate the public on why all pre-born children should be protected by law regardless of the situation.

You may watch the full interview below:

Here’s what Rebecca Kiessling said about the gut-wrenching exchange during her interview with 100 Percent Fed Up about her Fox 2 experience:

“Jex Blackmore isn’t even her real name. She considers herself to be a “satanic artist,” so who knows what’s real with her and what’s not? She clearly did it for shock value, sending press releases and immediately posting on social media bragging that she allegedly took the pill on TV.

I should have been told in advance that she was the founder of The Satanic Temple of Detroit and that she was kicked out for being too extreme when she was filmed for a documentary saying they’re going to execute the President. Who would want to be on air with someone who posts the kinds of disturbing things she does and has a satanic following?

It’s certainly ironic that she said on air that it’s “extremely easy and private” then negates that statement by doing so publicly. And it’s a lie that any abortion is easy. You can clearly hear her voice tremble just as she began to explain what she’s about to do.

Taking the 1st pill may appear to be easy, but like many women, some of my dearest friends regretted taking the first pill. They were told by doctors they had to take the 2nd, and the aftermath of the 2nd pill is absolutely horrific. The woman becomes her own abortionist, having to endure painful contractions and having to decide how to dispose of her now-dead baby.

This is why I spoke about the abortion pill reversal.  I know many women who have their babies because they did the hormonal regimen to reverse the effects of the 1st pill.


With abortion, a preborn baby does not just magically vanish into thin air by merely swallowing a pill, as some may think. Jex’s actions are extremely deceiving and make me think of someone pushing a button for a drone strike – it would appear easy enough, but in reality, most people understand the carnage which will ensue and should be outraged at the tragic loss of life and the callousness with which it was done. Just because we don’t witness the outcome as the button is pushed or the pill swallowed, doesn’t mean we should feign ignorance to the reality that innocent human life is being taken.”

100Percent FedUp concluded:

As Kiessling points out in her statement, Blackmore is the founder of Detroit’s chapter of The Satanic Temple. However, in the interview, she is only labeled as a “reproductive healthcare advocate”, and host Charlie Langton only refers to her as a “pro-choice activist”.

Blackmore has taken to Instagram to continuously brag about taking her abortion pill on live TV, saying things like “I like the sound of ‘3rd abortion for satanist Jex Blackmore’”, and posting videos to make fun of Kiessling’s negative reaction to the interview.

There’s a special place in Hell…

Sources: 100PercentFedUp,  Fox News Detroit

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    C’mon man! Where is the freedom of religion? You cannot expect Planned Parenthood to kill all the unwanted babies, can you?

    • Jesse

      Blackmore is like all so called Pro-Choice people they are fine with choice so long as it goes they way but if a woman chooses to keep their child the Pro-Choice crowd goes crazy mad. As for her actions of aborting three babies well I leave that to GOD. Her actions will be judge by GOD and CHRIST who take a very dim view on MURDERING little kids. I do however pray she gets a clue and asks CHRIST into her heart because burning forever without burning up is not a good thing. GOD can forgive any sin except after death.


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