The idea that a judge of all people would be directly helping illegal aliens elude capture is just a strange thing to think would actually happen.

However, it seems to be that anyone with liberal leanings would rather help an illegal and pay for the chance to do it than help an American citizen for free.

In Massachusetts, a judge has come under fire after she allowed an undocumented immigrant to evade ICE detention. Because she helped the immigrant flee the perusal of the federal agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, she was indicted by a federal grand jury of obstruction of justice and three other counts.

Who is the judge? It is Newton District Court Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph and the court officers who assisted her Wesley MacGregor were both arrested.

The pair helped undocumented immigrant Jose Medina-Perez escape the courthouse by a back door when they knew that ICE agents were waiting out front to arrest him. The incident occurred on April 2, 2018, and they seemed to be very much intentional in their efforts to have Medina-Perez escape the handcuffs of ICE.

“This case is about the rule of law. The allegations in today’s indictment involve obstruction by a sitting judge, that is intentional interference with the enforcement of federal law, and that is a crime,” United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts Andrew Lelling said.

On Thursday, both Joseph and MacGregor were slammed with the obstruction of justice charge as well as aiding and abetting; obstruction of federal proceeding, aiding and abetting and conspiracy to obstruct justice. MacGregor also got slammed with a perjury charge after he stood before the federal grand jury.

Since the indictment, Joseph was suspended without pay. MacGregor also appeared in court on Thursday and pleaded not guilty on all counts, along with the judge. Their next court appearance has not been set with a date.

“As public servants, all of the officers in the court make a promise. A promise to serve the people’s interests above all else. Today we know this promise has been broken,” said Peter Fitzberg (pictured), a special agent with the Homeland Security Investigations in Boston. He was in charge of leading this investigation.

Medina-Perez was not exactly an innocent man. He was a fugitive who had twice been deported back to Mexico. He was wanted for a drunk driving charge in Pennsylvania when Joseph and MacGregor helped him escape ICE detention last April.

ICE had submitted a detainer for Medina-Perez. They wrote up the request and were asking that the court hand him over for a 48-hour hold before his deportation. An ICE agent was waiting in the courtroom lobby to obtain Medina-Perez when the judge helped him escape out the back door without detection.

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  1. Big Ed

    In my opinion, you just can’t put too many leftists in jail-they all belong there. There are rules for everything in America, most of them written by the very leftists that ignore them. Virtually all of the immigration laws were written by the Democrats in Congress, under the strong leadership of Teddy Kennedy, and as much as the rules favor the Hispanics coming into the country at our southern border, the Democrats have decided they would like them to be even looser today. I am so tired of hearing about leftist authorities flaunting the law, just because they want it looser.

    • Fred

      They should be doing that to the Governors & Mayors that are doing the same thing with their sanctuary States & Cities

    • Thomas

      Disbar that Judge and throw her off the bench ! Give her 10 years behind bars to think about it !

    • Rivahmitch

      Sorry to disagree but it would be better to just drop them by parachute into Venezuela or Iran. Why should we continue to pay for them?

  2. MikefromTexas

    They both should go to jail and I’am not talking about disneyland. A real prison for at least a year.

    • Julius

      Public Hanging sounds better, solves this particular problem, and is far less expensive vs We the SHEEPle paying for their everything while incarcerated!

  3. OMEGA 2


  4. ssilv48

    This dirt bag so called judge should not ever be able to sit in any court room. If she is held accountable, other judges will follow the law’s set on United States Books, otherwise the crimes will continue. That is absolutely awesome she has lost her pay, lets make sure she NEVER GETS IT BACK AND ABLE TO JUDGE OVER CRIMINALS IN OUR COUNTRY

  5. Ron Hopkins

    This judge should be brought to court and if found guilty should be in federal jail for ten years and no time off for good behavior. These anti- American pigs should be taught a lesson, and if they don’t want to get it then hard time in a federal prison. I’m sick of these scum yelling “ it’s the law of the land,” as Piglosi cried when the law fits their agenda but ignore it when it doesn’t. We need a new Civil War because we’re losing our country. Nuff said!

  6. John

    Any officer of the law to include politicians who refuses or ignores the law for any reason should be removed from office and charged accordingly. We have laws that maintain order and when these people circumvent the law for any reason, it is an affront to all citizens-especially the ones that pay taxes. Our tax dollars got toward aiding and abetting illegals whether it is food, lodging, work or whatever and until the laws are changed, they should be upheld by all citizens. What makes Judges, lawyers, politicians or anyone think that they can personally change the laws to suit them?

  7. DonRS

    I’m sooooo sad to see this BIT@HES tearful face as she is led, in handcuffs, off to jail.

    Couldn’t happen to a more “deserving” violator of her oath of office!

  8. Carl C. Pyzowski

    Gee, I wonder what party she belongs to? Liberal, crooked, snowflakes in our society are enough. But to have liberal judges break the law is sickening. The true mark of a demented, crooked Democrat.

  9. MAGA

    Haaaa, haaaa. Take that judge. Not as powerful as you thought you were, huh? Only the people have that much power.

  10. Tarheel

    Liberals are led by emotion and it’s why they should never be in a position that challenges that. Logic will lose every time which makes them unfit to hold a position in the judicial.

  11. Robert Higginbotham

    I trust this judge is suspended while awaiting trial. Al three of these people deserve the maximum sentence for obstructing justice.

  12. Matthew G Zatkalik

    While I support the comments about the need for their arrest, incarceration, and their appearance from a ‘real’ judge for sentencing, there is another point I would like to make. That is, the title of this blog: “SICK Liberal Judge Caught HELPING ILLEGALS! Now She’s PAYING UP!” (1) ‘Sick’, Sick according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, refers to someone “… affected with disease or ill health: ailing. of, relating to, or intended for use in sickness. queasy, nauseated. undergoing menstruation.” Why use a word that is a total denial of her professional standing and her role as a judge? She is “anti-law”,


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