A now-viral video shows there is something sick COVID-19 mobile testing units are doing to the children.

This is a reminder to our parents that we should always be aware of what our local schools have been doing to our children without our knowledge.

A man can be seen in a video clip confronting a COVID-19 mobile testing unit conducting COVID tests on a group of young kids. The tests were being administered outside the school and in the middle of the street.

Below is the exchange of conversation between the gentleman who approached the adults supervising the young children and taking them to receive the COVID-19 tests via WLT.

“Do the parents know you guys are doing this to the kids?” he asked.

“What?” one of the masked adults responded.

“Do the parents know that you’re doing this to the kids?”he replied.

After she ignored him, he asked: “Do you have to parent consensual forms to do this to the kids?”

“Do the parents know that you’re doing it to these kids?”

He asked the test administrator, “Excuse me ma’am do you know if the parents have consent to do this?”

After the test administrator ignored his questions, the man then shouted “no consent!”

“This is disgusting!”

“Indoctrinating our kids!”

“No parent consent,” he said.

Watch the video below:

And here’s a backup video on Instagram.

Since the test administrators doing COVID-19 tests on our children not answering the basic question the gentleman is asking, it’s unclear if parental consent was received to conduct these COVID tests, it’s disgusting that any child is subjected to these faulty, dangerous nasal swabs.

According to WLT, Children have zero risk of severe COVID-19 complications. Testing children indoctrinates them to fear an illness no more dangerous than the common cold.

I tried visiting LabQ website, and below is the message you’ll see:

We have been made aware of a recently released video of testing at a school, claiming that the school is testing their students without parental consent. It may also be insinuating such a claim against LabQ. Please know that LabQ does not test minors without the consent of their parents/ legal guardian.

As always, LabQ follows all laws and regulation for the proper testing of all patients especially as they pertain to minors. LabQ does not test a minor without a signed minor consent form with the required parent signature and release.

As a matter of fact – our registration system currently in-place does not allow for a minor to complete their profile without a signed minor consent form.

WLT commented further:

Pardon me if I don’t believe LabQ saying they do “not test minors without the consent of their parents/legal guardian.”

LabQ has testing locations in New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. A source confirmed to me that this incident took place in New York City.

Here are some reactions from folks online:

Sources: WLT, LabQ website,

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  1. Grizz Mann

    C’mon man! Democrats have said for generations, ”It’s for the children”. Take them at their word. What is wrong with a well groomed child?

    We have these standards to prevent things like false advertising, fraud and security breaches.


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