You might be surprised, but there are actually some blue-collar jobs that can make you a hell of a lot of money.

I have a friend that works on an oil rig, has since he was about 22 years old. Thanks to some smart investing, he is going to retire in about three years. It’s amazing how well some jobs pay.

You only realize this sometimes, when you have a job like that which pays unusually well and then you suddenly don’t have it.

Joe Biden likes to say in front of the cameras that he is trying to get everyone a job and all this crap that he spews, but when you really look at it, he has made some moves in the early days of his time in office that has made sure that people are going to have to use government assistance when they could be making a hell of a lot of money

The Biden administration has been smacked with a lawsuit claiming that it overreached when it announced a moratorium on oil and gas leasing on federal land, according to The Western Journal.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order declaring that “the Secretary of the Interior shall pause new oil and natural gas leases on public lands or in offshore waters pending completion of a comprehensive review and reconsideration of Federal oil and gas permitting and leasing practices in light of the Secretary of the Interior’s broad stewardship responsibilities over the public lands and in offshore waters, including potential climate and other impacts associated with oil and gas activities on public lands or in offshore waters.”

Western Energy Alliance said that the open-ended language means that the pause is the equivalent of a ban on new leases. The alliance represents 200 energy-sector companies.

“The type of programmatic environmental analysis regarding climate change that has been announced will take years to complete, likely lasting most if not all of the president’s first term,” it said in a news release.

“On January 27, 2021, the Secretary of the Interior, acting at the President’s direction, suspended indefinitely the federal oil and gas leasing program. The suspension is an unsupported and unnecessary action that is inconsistent with the Secretary’s statutory obligations. Because the suspension is both arbitrary and capricious and contrary to law, the Court should find the suspension invalid and set aside the challenged government action,” the lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Wyoming, said.

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