Heidi Klum is the Queen of Fashion and there’s no saying otherwise! Despite her retirement from modeling, Klum knows how to dress to make an impact.

However, during the Making the Cut series’ final episode Klum has been slammed for being way too “revealing” and “distracting” by viewers.

Viewers of Making the Cut, an Amazon original show, flocked to Twitter to slam Heidi Klum’s off-shoulder finale dress. Fans mocked the 46-year-old’s choice of outfit, and one even went as far as joking that Klum must have lost a bet to wear such a dress.

During the show, Klum wore a shiny short dress with a plunging neckline. Even though she looked comfortable and confident in the outfit, fans thought maybe it wasn’t such a good idea.

While some spoke of how the neckline was an issue, exposing more than needed, others commented that the whole look was “tacky” and the dress looked like what one would wear to a prom. 

“#makingthecut Heidi’s finale dress was seriously funny. You’d think she wanted more attention on her boobs than on the runway show, with them ready to fall out any time. Poor taste #HeidiKlum,” a fan shared, while another wrote: “#MakingtheCut Dang, did Heidi’s dress come with built-in boobs?”

“Heidi’s dress in the @MakingtheCutTV finale is truly wild #makingthecut”

“Also Heidi! That dress. A sequin and structural nightmare #makingthecut”

“What is going on with Heidi’s boobs? #MakingTheCut”

“Heidi’s finale look really is a different kind of mess #MakingTheCut”

“Seriously what was actually wearing Heidi for the finale of #makingthecut??”

Another person took their anger at the fashion faux pas even further, writing a lengthy critique of the supermodel’s outfit.

“Heidi’s finale dress looked like a girl at the Prom who tried way too hard. #MakingtheCut,” a viewer expressed. “I’m convinced Heidi is wearing this dress backward. No way would a designer make an expensive dress that shows that much boob #MakingTheCut,” another tweeted.  

Klum is known for her laidback style. She often mixes high fashion with comfort and makes it look cool, which explains why it was difficult for some of the viewers to come to terms with the supermodel wearing such a tight, short dress.

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