“I went to a party and I remembered your words, not to drink alcohol. Instead of alcohol I drank juice all night. You told that I would feel proud of myself, and I felt exactly the same you have told me. You told that it is not good to drink and drive, contrary to my friends’ advices. But your advice was the correct one, as always!”

When the party was over, everyone started driving not matter they were drank and incapable of driving properly. I went to my car in peace, knowing that I am doing the correct thing, but mother, I wasn’t conscious of what was going to happen.
“The boy who caused the accident was drunk.” I heard those officers’ words, while sitting on the road helplessly. His words seemed like he was far away, and my own blood was everywhere around my. Mother, I am trying my hardest not to act how I feel, not to start crying.

“This girl is going to die! – The doctors shouted. This young guy decided to drink and drive full speed, and now I am going to die! I cannot explain you the pain I am feeling, mother, it is cutting me like hundred knives. Why should I die because somebody decided not to be careful? Why do they drink and drive, mother, knowing that they can destroy many innocent lives?”
Mother, please do not feel sorry for me. Tell my little sister not to cry, and my daddy to be strong. I am going to heaven, mother, I will look after you from up there.

Maybe that boy wasn’t taught that it is not correct to drink and drive. I was lucky to have you, mother, you taught me what was wrong and what was right. Maybe I would not be on the edge of dying, if his parents told him the same words as you told me.

Mother, I feel that my breath is becoming weak. I feel desperate! These are the last minutes of my life, and I want to feel you close to me, I want to hold your hand while I lie here and wait to die.
“I want to tell that I love you from the heaven above. I love you mother! Goodbye….”

While the girl was dying, a journalist who witnessed the accident wrote her last words very carefully. The same journalist started a campaign against driving drunk.

If you see this article, please send it to your beloved ones, friends and relatives. Maybe you are going to save some life, or maybe your own life will be saved.

If you are in such a situation, not allow others to drink and drive. If you are capable take the steering in your hands, or simply call a taxi or a friend.
In order to turn the attention to other people, please click “Share”. Be responsible and careful! Do not drive drunk!

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  1. Grizz Mann

    It seems it is time for common sense car laws. Obviously the car is to blame. It allowed a drunk human to operate and cause this heinous killing. Congress must reign in these dangerous devises.

    • Rattlerjake

      Sarcasm noted!

      Seriously, our problem in this nation is that people who violate the rights of others are not punished harshly enough. First — we need LEGAL/CONSTITUTIONAL laws and get rid of all of the illegal/unconstitutional crap. Second — we need the legal laws ENFORCED – no plea bargains, no warnings, no light sentencing or fines. Third — The victims need to be compensated by the perpetrator.


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