Is the price of gasoline expensive enough? Well, think again, because the price of this Ford Mustang sportscar paint job will certainly blow your mind.

In a piece published Tuesday by MotorBiscuit, one special Ford Mustang sports car has an “illegal” paint job that costs a whopping $26,000 per gallon.

Yes, you read it right! The New Edge SN95 SVT Cobra Mustang has all the horsepower drivers this supercharged vehicle could want but a few special owners got one that contains a special paint job with Mystichrome color-shifting paint.

It turns out the paint is actually “illegal” for anyone that doesn’t have Ford’s permission to make or use it.

Ford’s legendary Mystichrome color-shifting paint only ever made its way on to around 1,000 Terminator Cobra examples. It’s a virtually even split with right around 500 coupes and 500 convertibles wearing the legendary “illegal” paint.

Here’s how “The Daily Wire” explained the original piece from “MotorBiscuit”:

The outlet goes on to explain the trouble drivers of these cars would find themselves in if they would up in a fender-bender and the paint job got wrecked. The legendary V-8 car’s color has an insanely high price tag that would make it nearly impossible for your neighborhood body shop to afford should you end up dinging one of these cars.

And fixing it would be another bag of trouble altogether. The piece noted that the paint could only be applied if a Ford representative was present. Another thing was that the rep was completely in charge of getting the color-changing paint to the shop, overseeing the work and then making sure the can was re-sealed. They even are the only ones authorized to transport any leftover paint after the work is done.

On top of that, there are only a handful of body shops across the country that are even allowed to spray the paint — even with the rep from Ford on site.  And then if a shop was able to do the work, the price tag alone would be discouraging, with it costing more than $26,600 per gallon of the Mystichrome paint.

An example of one of the pricey Mustangs is a 2004 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Convertible, finished in a special paint that’s currently up for auction at Carsandbids. The highest bid, at the time of this publication, is $37,500. There are two days left for fans to nab this specialty vehicle, with an odometer reading sitting at 15,500.

Sources: TheDailyWire, MotorBiscuit

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