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It seems to be that there are some people that just don’t understand that they are other people that just don’t like certain flavors of ice cream.

If you like a flavor that most everyone else considers to be totally terrible, you can’t get mad if people don’t want to eat it too.

Transgender people are going through this same sort of situation now, and at the end of the day, they have nobody to complain to because in this case it isn’t anyone’s fault but theirs.

A study of transgender individuals and their dating prospects insinuates straight men and women are furthering the suffering of those in the trans community by refusing to go out with them.

While the establishment media, the entertainment industry and even many elected officials have attempted to normalize gender fluidity for several years, most people not in the portion of the population that engages in gender bending haven’t bought in.

A survey published by Sage Journals in 2018 evaluated the “demographic characteristics of individuals who are willing to consider a transgender individual as a potential dating partner.”

Researchers Karen L. Blair and Rhea Ashley Hoskin asked a pool of 958 participants about hypothetical “dating partners.”

The Canadian researchers asked the participants to check off if they would consider dating a “a cisgender woman,” “a cisgender man,” “a transgender woman,” “a transgender man” and “a person with a non-binary gender identification.”

In a response that should surprise no one, most people would refuse the idea of dating someone who is transgender.

“Our results indicated that 87.5% of the participants who were asked this very question only checked off the cisgender options and excluded transgender and non-binary individuals from their hypothetical dating pool,” Blair wrote in a 2019 piece published by Psychology Today.

Of all respondents, straight men and women were more likely to refrain from entering the idea of dating a transgender person.

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  1. ChuckB

    Sorry Folks, I refuse to date someone who can’t figure out if they are man or woman. Im old fashion that way. I like women, and allways will.


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