During a DIY surgery, 23-year-old Trent Gates did something that very few people would ever consider. He had his testicles and penis removed from his body. The first DIY procedure occurred in his own apartment back in April 2016 and resulted in the removal of his testicles. In a North Carolina motel room during the month of Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, Trent Gates had his penis removed in a similar operation.

Since having his genitals removed, Trent Gates admits that he has experienced more intimacy with other people rather than less. Because he underwent these extreme body modification surgeries, he now identifies as a “nullo.” This is a subculture of people, predominately men, who have had their genitals removed in surgeries similar to what Trent Gates underwent in North Carolina and D.C.

When he first underwent his body modification surgery, Gates said that he did it to help deal with his severe depression. As a worker in IT, he said he never felt like a man nor a woman, but “an androgynous in-between.” Because he was never able to express himself as a human being fully, the surgery allowed him the freedom to be who he feels in his heart he is.

In the years since undergoing both operations, Gates has found love and acceptance. He has a boyfriend who loves him exactly as he is, body modifications, and all. However, Gates never told his parents about his intentions to undergo the life-altering surgery until he had completed both of them, and there was no turning back.

Although he has undergone the radical procedure, Gates admits that his sex life has never been as good as it is now.

Not only did Gates use a sharp ceramic knife to remove his body parts, but he also kept the genitals in the freezer until his mother found them and threw them into the trash.

Trent Gates performed the surgery himself. He said that he sanitized the blade and took painkillers to dull the pain. He got the inspiration to neuter himself after learning about the famous “nullo” named Gelding (pictured) when he was just fifteen.

“Nullos” also go by the nickname “smoothie,” because they have surgically undergone the process of removing their genitals and sometimes their nipples.

The subculture is a complicated one that does not have a single definition. Some people identify as eunuchs but Gates identities as a non-binary person who is sexually attracted to men.

“I used a ceramic (knife) because its sharper than the steel, less ripping and tearing,” Gates told Metro Online. The IT worker took “every precaution” before he cut off his genitals and brought himself to the hospital immediately afterward to make sure they could keep him safe and secure.

“I honestly did not have a problem with the pain. I used a little bit of a numbing agent, a little bit of lidocaine on it, and I took to five milligrams of oxycodone that they prescribed me when I did my balls to take the edge off.”

Following the procedure, he used a catheter to ensure he could keep open a hole so he could urinate.


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  1. MikefromTexas

    How damn stupid can one get? This newer generation is brainless.

    • Leslie Fish

      There have always been self-hating and self-destructive individuals who claimed all sorts of justifications for their mental problems. The problem is that modern middle-class society coddles these mental problems instead of trying to treat them.

    • Wisewolf

      Never ask a question which might be taken as a challenge by some people.
      Now we know they can’t reproduce, that is a plus in many ways. Also it proves those people have serious mental issues.

  2. Dennis Karoleski

    How about we all just step back a moment and remember biology 101 where most of us learned there are two sexes, not three. Homosexuality is a mental disorder that was “normalized” in 1973 due to political pressure from the Communist-inspired “student movement”, the mental cowardice of political correctness and homosexuals infiltrating the mental health community until they could outvote the straight members. Too bad oh-so-sophisticated city people who consider themselves “the smartest people in the room” won’t ask a simple chicken farmer how long queer roosters last in the barnyard before ending up in the soup pot. Perhaps then they might realize only urbanized humans can afford to tolerate sometimes high-functioning but nevertheless mentally defective individuals nature has insured won’t successfully breed. The truth is hard to accept especially for those terrified of the truth.

  3. Original Anna

    Well, the best is that he won’t be bringing more neuters like him into the world. I feel bad for his parents though, I hope they have at least one other male child to carry on the family name and give the parents grandchildren. The coldness this guy has in lying to his parents for years and doing his surgery himself tells me he needs serious help instead of giving in to his illness. Normal people just don’t do this kind of stuff which is worst than cutting. The purpose behind cutting is to call attention to one’s illness and/or to kill themselves. This guy is one sick puppy and it is good he doesn’t have children because children don’t need to be brought up by someone with so abusive needs.

  4. Sharon

    He should Thank God that he survived! As for his idiocy, well, at least he will never bring a child into this world to pass on his mental illness! At least he didn’t insist on the American Taxpayer paying for his foolishness.

  5. Nikita63

    Rampant stupidity and beastly buffoonery are a danger to society at large. I cannot believe ANYONE would self-mutilate in this fashion and all to become something no one but a damned few other abnormals could even begin to contemplate. And there Is NOTHING normal about taking such action. We are living in a time of moral madness and utter chaos with no values at all. More is the pity for it; as in a sick world this is a contagion likely to spread, if only for the “thrill,” of it all.

  6. DRLJR

    The proper term for his behavior is sodomy, and the other terms that apply are sodomize and sodomite. The fact he had castrated himself does not change his gender. He is still a male. In nature there are three genders – male, female, and neutral. Humans only come in male and female and it is controlled by DNA. No matter how much one engages sex-appearance change procedures one’s gender does not change. Humans are not clown-fish or reptiles. He is obviously mentally ill.

  7. gretta

    I agree with every comment made here. What this idiot did is insanity. No one in their right mind would do this to themselves. No one commented that if he did this to himself, what would he do to others? And, this “man-thing-it” walks among us and could have a psychotic break at any moment. He made himself a eunuch and sees himself as something special, a new gender to be above everyone else, and to be treated as such.

    Whether you want to admit it or not, this is paganism and it’s taking hold of our nation and our world at a very dangerously fast pace.

    We are coming OUT of civilization, going backwards, instead of intelligently advancing forward into a higher civilization. These sicko’s have been protected by the liberal elite for their ” immoral behavior ” for so long, without accountability and without Biblical teaching of God and His judgement, that they have absolutely no moral compass, no common sense of decency, no sense of right or wrong, and they are so arrogant that they think they can force this lifestyle on everyone else because of their elite privilege by Hollywood, the democrat party mafia, and their mainstream media mob protecting them, and they have made this sick insanity more than normal, forcing it everyone, even on young children and making them have sex change operations at two and three years old. And, if you don’t agree with them, they attack you with character assassination you, bully you, shame you, publicly call you hateful names to shame and disgrace you, accuse you of racism, of being xenophobic bigots, and take you to court and bankrupt you if you dare inject common sense sanity into their diatribes.

    No wonder our kids are so confused and hostile. They are being taught to hate God, to hate our country, to hate others, to hate their parents, and to not think for themselves but do what they are told, because they know if they don’t they will be attacked and ostracized, as well.

    If we the people don’t wake up and take charge of our own selves, and OUR children, we will destroy ourselves. The elite communist globalists, communist democrat party mafia, Hollywood, mainstream media, know exactly what they are doing to us, and they are using us to destroy our country, our culture, our way of life, and ourselves for them.

    • DRLJR

      And the “Progressives” will exterminate these people if they get power and manage to impose the dictatorship they want. The objective of the “Progressives” is to destroy society so they can impose their dictatorship.

  8. MAGA

    Yep, you’re a sick individual alright. We need to bring back mental hospitals to put these people in and away from society.

  9. old wolf

    now that’s funny . retardes dressing in masks and thinking their a different gender. your mom’s and dad’s must be so proud of you , bless your hearts . to think this what you spent 3 years in collage to learn . wow you could be the next delusional democrat to run for president . do us a favor take your heads out if your ass . to Damn stupid to even talk about . retarded dumb sss’s that’s what their are … not a new gender

  10. OMEGA 2


  11. Ron Hopkins

    He has no penis but his sex life is better than ever? Yes this one’s a definite idiot! And most definite a democrat. Because you cut off your sexual parts that doesn’t make you another gender. Sorry clown your still a male and a homosexual. This is the future of our country people! F::ken freaks, mentally unstable people who don’t have a clue to what reality is. Maybe he should have glued his penis to his forehead and became the first human unicorn. Nuff said!

  12. Bruce Walters

    This sick phuque is demented and deranged. He deserves everything he has coming in the future. They say “God don’t make no junk” They stand corrected. If that isn’t bad enough, the kid is probably a Democrat too.


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