There is a struggle going on between the liberals and the conservatives and it’s similar to the immigration ban controversy.

Liberals twist the republican’s actions against Sharia law and radical Islam into some “xenophobic,” “anti-Muslim” thing. This is not at all what is going on. Islamic extremism is a real thing, terrorism is a real thing, honor killings are real, Sharia law IS oppression and we should do what we have to, to keep these things out of our Country. This has nothing to do with racism or xenophobia.

If Christians killed anyone who didn’t believe what they believed in then Christians would be the ones we fought against. But it’s the Muslim countries and Sharia law that are spawning these extreme terrorists. And these are the 16 States in America that are doing something about it.

From Viral Liberty:

These states decided to introduce legislations to ban any kind of Islamic Law.

• Alabama (two bills)
• Arkansas
• Florida (two bills)
• Indiana (two bills)
• Iowa
• Kentucky
• Mississippi (four bills)
• Missouri (two bills)
• North Carolina
• Oklahoma (seven bills)
• South Carolina (two bills)
• Texas (six bills)
• Virginia
• Washington
• West Virginia
• Wyoming (two bills)

Democrats claim that these bills are infringing upon Muslim’s “religious freedom” but they’re going a little far when religious freedom includes killing innocent people and oppressing women.

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5 Responses

  1. MikefromTexas

    This is America, not Iran or some other muslim country. I just can see how women would support Sharia law or gays. Would women like to be beaten or stones or gays thrown off buildings. How about being beheaded?

  2. Mark Little

    Muslims kill their kids, women, and gay people. They are pure evil and deserve to hang. I will gladly make the pig skin coats to bury them in.

  3. yogiman

    How can they ban a law that isn’t a law. Our laws follow the constitution, not laws of the Islam faith.

  4. Original Anna

    Sharia Law is a law specifically against women that runs along side a more moderate state Islamic law of the Koran. It is a law and in the U.S. a law that is opposite the Constitution is illegal and in a Muslim U.S. it would end up replacing the Constitution because they are two different laws with two different meanings so they can’t exist running along side of each other. One has to replace the other. Any way Congress years ago passed legislation making Muslims, Islam illegal in this country and Muslims were not supposed to be taken in as immigrants. They do not join the melting pot, they take over and replace the melting pot. Of course Obama and the democrats don’t care about replacing the Constitution, they just want the votes the Muslims give them and so democrats allow and look the other way as Muslims get to come in from a country and in the same country Christians don’t. Even the U.N. puts Islam ahead of Christianity, the U.N. puts Muslims in charge of U.N. camps and Christians end outside the camps as young Muslims mark any tents that a Christian might get into and Christians are than open to be murdered so they leave the inside of the camps. The Muslim guy in charge of a big camp said to a question about Christians on the ground outside the U.N. camp “Let the Christians take care of the Christians.” Mean while Muslims are inside the camps paid for by money from western Christians and the money is suppose to go to everybody not held back from a person due to their religion. The U. N. even allows their troops supposedly protecting the camps to rape and rob from the Christians because U.N. troops are from all different countries with hate towards Christians. And my point is we don’t need Sharia law or any Islam law in this country.


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