A street interview conducted by Ami Horowitz to the street of NYC to ask people who have received the COVID-19 vaccine why they continue to wear a mask outdoors. The answers she got were so lame and only prove that we can be conditioned and nudged to do just about anything. It isn’t very comforting. The most disturbing comment came from the guy who said, “I shouldn’t be given the privilege to not wear a mask.”

Some of them also answer that it’s like a pacifier and that it’s just a precaution.

The social engineers are all high-fiving each other with this experiment.

Fauci and Biden were even called out by Senator Rand Paul for doubling their mask after they’ve had the vaccine.

Bads things have been happening to Dr.Fauci lately, in fact, this attention he’s getting is a bit of bad luck to Biden’s administration.

Fauci is slowly being exposed more and more for lying and politicizing the response to the coronavirus. Even worse, he’s implicated in the Wuhan Lab Funding and gain of function experimentation on SARS-like viruses.

Here he is suddenly caving to admit that Senator Rand Paul was right that wearing a mask after being vaccinated is just theatre.

Dr. Fauci then: Me wearing a mask after vaccination is not “theatre.”

Dr. Fauci now: Yeah, it was theatre.

According to Vox report:

The habit of masking up wasn’t so easily changed by new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — at least in the first few days following its release, according to a new poll from Vox and Data for Progress. Most respondents (61 percent), including more than half of those who are fully vaccinated, said they were continuing to wear masks outdoors.

The survey of 1,203 registered voters was fielded from May 14 to 17 — the four days after the CDC’s announcement that, depending on state and local laws, vaccinated people didn’t need to wear masks in most indoor or outdoor settings.

Forty-nine percent of both vaccinated and unvaccinated respondents who still wear masks said they did so to protect themselves from the coronavirus, 42 percent said they wanted to make sure they didn’t spread the virus to those around them, and 21 percent said they wore masks to protect themselves from illnesses other than the coronavirus. Only 8 percent said they wore masks because they worried others would judge them, and just 6 percent said they did because it was an expression of their political views.

Sources: 100 Percent Fed Up, Vox

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  1. Ron Hopkins

    All of them are lost sheep. No wonder our government isn’t afraid of the people. Their Fn stupid!


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