A top general with U.S. Strategic Command issued a warning of possible nuclear war with Russia and China.

US and EU imposed crushing sanctions on Russia and sent weapons into Ukraine causing a major threat to Russia. In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin Feb. 27 ordered Russia’s nuclear forces to move to a higher state of alert of “a special regime of combat duty,” unnecessarily escalating an already dangerous situation created by his indefensible decision to invade another sovereign nation.

Air Force Maj. Gen. Ferdinand B. Stoss, STRATCOM director of plans and policy, issued his warning while appearing virtually at the 2022 Nuclear Deterrence Summit. Speaking to an audience of industry officials, academics, and others, Stoss painted a picture of a strategic environment that, in some ways, goes beyond even what the U.S. faced during the Cold War.

He said in a statement:

“I think we can agree that the United States, our allies, our partners—we have not faced this type of threat in over 30 years. And not just a threat, though. Like I mentioned before, this is the first time ever that we have a three-party nuclear peer dynamic. And we have no history of this. This is epic. And I don’t think we’ve fully dealt with all the ramifications that this is going to have as we march into the future, but we absolutely need to.”

Further, Adm. Charles Richard, head of the U.S. Strategic Command, said it has become imperative for the United States to have the capability to defend against Russia and China at the same time, The Epoch Times reported. 

Richard told the House Armed Services Committee on March 1:

“Today, we face two nuclear-capable near-peers who have the capability to unilaterally escalate a conflict to any level of violence in any domain worldwide, with any instrument of national power, and that is historically significant.”

More from The Epoch Times reports:

He pointed out that while the need to deter both China and Russia at the same time was only a major concern in April last year, the concern “has now become a reality.”

“That need is now an imperative,” he said.”

In the leadup to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Russia and China deepened their economic and military ties in what they have called a “no-limits” partnership.

Both Russia and China claim to have hypersonic missiles capabilities, something the US has not yet developed.

Sources: 100percentfedup, The Epoch Times

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    Maybe with Putin, then again I don’t think Putin wants Moscow to be turned into a parking lot for a Walmart. Communist China? If Communist China starts WWIII, they would be screwing their own economy. There will be no one around to buy all the TV’s and Microwaves that Communist China produces.


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