Another classic leftist scene on rage, assaulting anyone who is against their radical ideology.

Samuel Benjamin, 27, an obvious leftist, assaulted a man who was volunteering for a local Republican congressional candidate Cory Mills on Thursday. He was later arrested for assault by Sanford Police.

In the now-viral clip, the violent leftist Benjamin struck the unnamed man after he was confronted about why he was tearing up GOP political signs.

Benjamin was standing in the center median of the street. The victim is heard asking his alleged assailant, “Is there a reason why you are tearing that sign down?”

Then, the violent leftist started cursing at the driver.

He then threw his drink at the campaign volunteer’s car. And Benjamin then reached his hands inside the car and assaulted the driver.

The entire assault was caught on video. (WARNING) on violence and language.

More details of this story from “The Floridian”:

In addition to the video, and in a series of texts, the victim stated that he was currently at the hospital in the emergency room waiting for a “CT scan and stitches,” adding that the assailant who struck him had been arrested by the Sanford Police Department.

About an hour later, the victim updated his status, saying that medical personnel “glued” the cut he had behind his ear and had been referred to see a plastic surgeon Friday morning. Doctors said thåt because his ear swelled up, it would “need to be drained.”

Both Scott Sturgill and Erika Benfield, two congressional candidates running in the same race, also acknowledge that their campaign signs have also been tampered with, or vandalized.

Sturgill recently posted a surveillance video of an individual tearing down two of his campaign signs.

According to Sanford Police arrest records, Benjamin was arrested for “Battery Touch or Strike” and given a $500 bond.

In response to our request for comment. Mr.Mills confirmed that the victim in this incident was a volunteer of his and adamantly denounced the assault, adding that because the individual reached into the vehicle, the alleged assailant could be facing a felony count of Burglary with Assault or Battery.

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, The Floridian

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