There is a cop that lives down the street from us, that you can see at the end of a shift sometimes he has been through something.

There are not that many jobs, even now, where you clock in knowing that you might not be clocking out.

This is why some of the crap that people give the police is absolutely astounding to me.

Anyone who doesn’t think police officers have a dangerous job is living in a bubble. Because police officers never know what they’re up against, they always have to be on watch and vigilant. When problems arise, what do people do? They call the police.

That means officers have to be ready to defend themselves against violent people all while navigating dangerous situations. And sometimes police officers get hurt.

But one police sergeant in Dawson County, Georgia was completely taken off guard. He offered to give a homeless man a ride to the gas station and even give him some money. He was being a Good Samaritan. And suddenly, the situation escalated and 52-year-old Sgt. Randy Harkness’s life was in danger.

After the police sergeant tried to give the homeless man some money, the man became violent. He lashed out at the Good Samaritan police officer and began striking him in the face.

Because he was not expecting his act of good faith to turn so quickly, the police officer was not prepared. The homeless man continued to lash out at him and injure his face.

Thankfully, a female bystander happened to be there. She witnessed the violent suspect pummeling the policeman’s face. She rushed out of her car and because she was legally carrying a handgun, she took a shot.

The fired round sent the violent suspect running. As he fled the scene of the violent crime, the female bystander aimed and fired another bullet at the homeless man. In the end, her bullets hit the suspect at least one time. And Sgt. Harkness couldn’t be more grateful that she took action to help him.

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  1. Robert Higginbotham

    This unprovoked violence against a police officer trying to be a good Samaritan barely made the news yet the destructive slime came out in full force across the country for what happened in Minn. What is wrong with this picture?

    • Luis D Rey

      It’s beyond my comprehension, a “solo” policeman trying to be a good Samaritan, did he learn that at The Police Academy?
      If I were his Superior, I would have demoted him to office clerk at the Station.

  2. Redbonejohn

    In a way some store owners let themselves get set up, unintentionally. Were I one I would shut down my store and put up a sign stating there was a video of anyone breaking and entering and getting shot. And do it. The use of birdshot is underrated. Having been hit with scrap metal in Nam, it burns, the same as with the birdshot. It’s a mind and game changer. If every store owner did this , protesters would only protest and looters would be looking for an emergency room

  3. Kay

    The difference in a state run by republicans and one run by democrats. Democrats would join in in beating the officer while republicans pull their guns and stop the violence. Democrats in congress like rep. Lee call for more violence while republicans call a halt to violence. Seems to me we don’t need more democrats in office as they promote the destruction of our nation. We need to defend our streets and police officers despite what the democrats promote with the MSM right beside them.

    • Luis D Rey

      Did you mean that “gorilla” looking woman from Texas?
      Jackson Lee?
      She ought to be in a circus in a cage to be seen at a distance as a wild “manimal”.

      • ssilv48

        Did you really mean moochele, who illegally stayed in America’s White house for 8 illegal years???

    • Luis D Rey

      Although Mike Lee, a RINO ought to be kept or stay in Utah swimming at the Salt Lake to see it that helps to straighten his stupid reasoning sometimes.

    • Marcus

      I agree , But it is much much worse then most People know , Watch = Agenda , Grinding America Down by Curtis Bowers , Enemies Within by Trevor Louden , Many others exist , But those two are must see

  4. ssilv48

    This lady obviously needs to start going to the shooting range, if she fired a shot and missed, it could have hit the officer, shooting him in the back is called murder, no matter what the situation might be, sad but true. Start going to the shooting range and know where the bullet is going to end.

  5. Jesse

    She showed the only type that of gun control needed in America that being the ability to hit what one shoots at. Those who are rioting are THIGS and should be treated to nothing but a bullet to the head. Anyone from any state other than the one Mr. Floyd’s are just THIGS looking for an excuse to commit crimes. There is NOTHING they can do that would change what happens in His home State. That is a fact. As is their just THIGS looking far any excuse to break the law. Those in his home state who are rioting should receive one round of rubber bullets if that does not stop their Criminal acts then they need to use regular bullets and mow them down taking no survivors. Those in other states should just be mowed down if committing criminal acts.

  6. N

    Soros and his minions the deep state NAZI Commie liberal party, Fake news, Antifa, CIA, FBI, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, The useful idiots, RINOs etc…are responsible for this rioting and destruction throughout the country. This treasonous act should not go unpunished! It’s about time these deep State rats are held accountable! Patriots, we need to save the country from turning into another Commie shit hole just like all the other lib run cities!!

  7. wildman

    sorry about the cop gettin his ass stomped,but I could never find it in myself to help one after all the hate and grief the tin star thugs have put on others by their holier than tho conduct,lets just call it KARMA

  8. OLD wolf

    Yea that’s it … beat a cop that had nothing to do with this crap going on , just cause he’s a cop . That’s like saying we should shoot every young kid cause you were attacked by a young kid befor . How about thinking things through for once instead of acting like a dumb ass out there . I hope the cops catch them and beat their ass’s good just cause their out there . See how they cry when everyone has a gun and starts to shoot first then ask questions later cause of the dumb shit being done now . Thank the delusional democrats and the retarded Hollywood elite for this when the shit hits the fan. And it will . Watch where your standing


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