One of the things that people need to realize when it comes to getting a major job done is that you don’t do it alone. You cannot do certain things on your own.

Look at it this way, when I was moving a few years ago there was the guy driving the moving truck and then we had maybe five people that were assisting him with moving things into the truck. It took maybe an hour to break our entire house down. Had he done it on his own he would have been there for days.

At the end of the day, you cannot organize something as big as a coup where someone like Joe Biden takes office without people on the inside helping out.

Bill Barr was seen by many as a significant upgrade over Jeff Sessions as the leader of the Trump administration’s U.S. Department of Justice, but Peter Navarro has a different opinion.

The former White House trade advisor claims that Barr was President Joe Biden’s “first attorney general” based on the way the DOJ under Barr (presumably before he left) allegedly pre-cleared or fast-tracked Biden’s blitz of executive orders that went into effect as soon as he was inaugurated.

Navarro described the situation as Deep State coup and insisted that Barr should have been fired much sooner than his December 2020 departure.

Navarro was responding to a question from Fox News Channel host Maria Bartiromo who wondered how 17 of Biden’s left-wing wish list of executive orders were promptly ready to go on day one.

In contrast to the way Biden’s edicts were vetted quickly through the federal bureaucracy, Navarro asserted that DOJ lawyers dragged their feet on then-President Donald Trump’s directives.

“We got slow-walked at the Department of Justice, and this is a problem I told Barr about numerous times. And he should have been fired months before he was. By the last year of this administration, he was really working against this administration in a lot of ways,” Navarro said Sunday.

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