Many believe that there’s a more serious problem behind the 4,000 canceled flights over Memorial Day Weekend. Their official reason was bad weather conditions and ‘air traffic control actions,’ while their passengers continue to pay top-dollar for airfare.

Do you really believe it? I mean, it could be one of the factors but given the state of the art equipment we have, this kind of problem should have been predicted or fixed immediately knowing the influx of passengers on holidays.

Well, our friend from 100 Percent Fedup says otherwise: 

As 4,000 Memorial Day Weekend flights have been cancelled at the last minute, leaving countless customers irritated and confused as to why? The official reason given is bad weather and “air traffic control actions.” However, is that really all that there is to it?

The Biden regime has laid out vaccine mandates for airline workers from pilots to crews, forcing them to either receive the jab or find different work. Yet it’s not going so well for them as many pilots refuse to take the vaccine in this unfair ultimatum.

There is a severe pilot shortage going on, and a mandate which many pilots are against will certainly make that problem worse.

Solutions being floated range from increasing the retirement age for pilots from 65 to 67, or cutting the minimal number of hours needed to fly from 1,500 to 750. Some airlines and groups are in desperate need of several hundred pilots at this time.

Meanwhile, ticket prices are up 45% from this time last year and are anticipated to continue to skyrocket.

Enter the U.S. Freedom Flyers. The Freedom Flyers, co-founded by Joshua Yoder, are an anti-mandate advocacy group for pilots and airline staff. They are against the idea that these groups of workers should be forced into choosing between their health and their careers.

“If you have flights reduced by 30% because 30% of pilots are fired because they won’t take the vaccine, this is going to affect how your goods get here from overseas, how they are distributed to the store,” Yoder said.

“First of all, we have all the control, and the control comes from a simple word, and that is ‘no’,” he said. “We just don’t need to comply.”

Of course, everyone in the airline industry will be affected by those either cargo or passenger airlines will and perhaps already are being impacted as well.

Many Pilots colleagues of Shawn Walker who refuse to take the experimental COVID vaccine now face termination from their job. They work with U.S. Freedom Flyers.


U.S. Freedom Flyers co-founder Joshua Yoder on Tucker Carlson explaining the airline crisis

Here’s what Walker said:

“They’re scared, some of them are single dads, and they’re in a situation where they’re like, ‘Man, if I don’t, if I don’t succumb to this dictatorship, if you will, I may not be able to feed my children.’”

The outlet commented further:

Air traffic controllers, who are cited as a reason for the flight cancellations, are also forced to choose between their livelihood and their health autonomy. And many of them are choosing the second option as well.

The U.S. Freedom Flyers, on behalf of pilots, air traffic controllers, and all other staff and crew, are now launching a series of federal lawsuits aimed at striking down COVID-19 vaccine mandates as unconstitutional. These lawsuits are being launched against airlines as well as the Federal Airline Administration (FAA.) The first of these lawsuits has already been launched against Atlas by John Pierce Law.

The unjust mandates and employer ultimatums stemming from them are adding to the pilot shortage. Are we really to believe that bad weather is why 4,000 flights are canceled when all of this is happening?

Source: 100percentfedup

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