Progressives don’t like conservatives of color. Mexicans who jumped through all the flaming hoops to immigrate properly aren’t welcome here. Only the ones who jump the line can claim asylum, because they’re the ones that vote Democrat.

Martha Doss was naturalized in 2017. As she pledged to “support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” she knew her very first presidential vote would go to Donald Trump.

Democrats especially despise Latinos who share their love of President Trump all over Facebook. One of her Facebook friends is Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller.

The official shared a photo of Martha from Trump’s October Dallas rally where she held a sign “Became A US Citizen In 2017 Voting For Trump 2020!” His comment read “Thank you Martha Doss for doing it the right way!”

“My mom wanted to do everything the right way,” Martha tells Dallas News, and she did. Her mother Socorro lost her battle with cancer shortly before the approval packet from the immigration office arrived. “Our whole immigration system is broken,” Martha laments, adding that she trusts President Trump to fix it.

The 37-year-old mother of four loves to wear Trump gear and the American flag, which annoys her socialist neighbors to no end. Democrats have infiltrated the state’s traditionally conservative Latino population, brainwashing the younger ones into becoming more progressive.

Albert Morales, senior political director for Latino Decisions declares, “Latinos have now linked the GOP brand to racism. It’s just irrefutable.” Well, until Martha refutes it. “I get to live the American dream,” Martha insists.

Martha is one Latina who enthusiastically backs President Trump, making the rounds to attend all of his rallies she can get to. Even before Donald Trump came along, she has leaned Republican because of her deeply held religious beliefs.

Martha is offended when people assume she’s liberal just because she’s brown. That’s racist. “It’s always about identity politics with them. If you are Hispanic or you’re black or you are LGBTQ, then you automatically have to be a Democrat. And for me, that’s not it. If I look at both platforms, as a woman of faith, my Christian values align more with being a conservative.”

At a Trump rally, Martha encountered Mac Brown, a 23-year-old black man from Shreveport. They talked about the heat they take from their families. “There was a point in time I’d get offended, but now I don’t,” she told Mac. “Now, I realize they’re just not informed. … A lot of people in my culture are Democrat by default.”

Martha has no illusions regarding President Trump’s past. As Dallas News writes, “She is totally aware of Trump’s indiscretions… As Martha sees it, he is a man and men make mistakes.”

“I’ve done things in my past,” Martha admits. “We all have done things we regret. I just firmly believe that God is using him. Things can be overlooked because we all fall short of the glory of God.”

Martha is more interested in securing the border. “I love the fact that he promised he would secure our border. He promised that he would defund Planned Parenthood. He promised that he would bring our jobs back and build our economy and he has fulfilled every single one of the promises.”

As far as improving the immigration system, “It is Congress’ fault for dragging its feet.” On the impeachment issue, Martha brushes the whole thing off as a “witch hunt” fueled by Democrat media hype.

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  1. Wisewolf

    We need more people like her who have paid their dues to become legal citizens. She and others have made the right choice to vote for President Trump.

  2. Deejay

    Smart Woman. Able think for herself. Congrats on becoming a citizen. So happy for you.


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