Are we still going to support a robot that’s been installed in the White House? 8 months has been a complete horror, especially for Americans.

We all are aware of how President Joe Biden got bad dementia but his administration thinks that it’s not a bad thing. Wait, What?!

The Biden administration is furiously trying to turn the page on a messy withdrawal from Afghanistan, moving the focus back to domestic issues. Even a deadly pandemic is considered more favorable political ground than the chaos in Kabul following the Taliban takeover and rapid evacuations.

Polls continue to show strong public support for ending the war, as former President Donald Trump also wanted to do. But Biden received low marks for the execution. Despite talk of a “historic” evacuation that only the United States could have accomplished, at least 100 Americans were left behind, as were a majority of Afghan partners in the U.S. war effort, according to the State Department.

That is driving me crazy, imagine how Biden handles things his way? From controversial COVID 19 crisis handling to losing grip on the Southern border and now his iconic debacle in Afghanistan.

Recently, on a Labor Day event, Biden threw off quite a few people when he started bizarrely whispering for no apparent reason during his speech.

Watch it here: Youtube/GOP War Room

I am not sure why do you have to whisper on a loudly installed microphone?

This old man is really fond of whispering in his conferences.

Others wrote that they were without words.

Even Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s press secretary Doug Andres simply wrote, “I don’t know how to react to that Biden whisper moment just now.”

Republican Governors Association communication director Jesse Hunt wrote, “Biden’s constant whisper may be weirder than Kamala’s constant laugh.”

Can somebody tell Biden to step down in shame?

Source: Wayne Dupree

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