I remember when I would go to school and they would have theme days, it would be a pretty cut and dry thing. Not too many things were not allowed.

You almost had to look to find something that would get you in trouble.

Now, it seems that liberals are going out of their way to get good, hardworking kids in trouble all because they don’t believe the way that the school wants them to believe.

Young women can’t seem to catch a break in high school these days. If they show any skin, they’re going to be sent home for violating the dress code. But fourteen-year-old freshman Ciretta MacKenzie found herself violating the dress code for wearing a T-shirt just like any other – except her school did not like the pro-Trump message written across the front.

As a result, the principal of Epping High School ordered MacKenzie to cover up the political shirt or go home as punishment. The teenager was upset that she was not allowed to express her support of the current president and was stunned that she was given the ultimatum that could ultimately affect her performance in school.

“I don’t understand why I was dress coded. There’s no reason. I was supporting my president. What is wrong with that?”

Because MacKenzie felt that she had every right to wear the political shirt despite what people felt. However, Principal Brian Ernest felt that her “Make America Great Again” shirt was inappropriate. And he used the opportunity to lecture her on what he felt that way about Trump and his policies.

“He gave me a speech saying how we can’t mix church and state within the school and how President Trump is very controversial.”

However, MacKenzie had worn the shirt to school only because it was celebrating “America Day.” Students were encouraged to wear patriotic clothing, and the fourteen-year-old freshman felt that nothing was more patriotic than supporting the president.

The principal said that he was telling her to cover up her Trump shirt because he didn’t want her to be harassed.

“After I covered up because I was kind of ashamed, kids who don’t support Trump, some of them were, like, ‘You get what you deserve. Shouldn’t be wearing,’” she said.

Because the principal singled her out because of her love for Trump, she felt that others were taking notice of her when they otherwise wouldn’t have. Other students kept talking to her about the Trump shirt and picked on her for wearing it to school because it was very unpopular.

“I wish he told me, ‘You are wearing a Trump shirt, he is controversial, I’m not going tell you to cover it up, but if you do have any harassment or anything, just come to me, and I’ll handle it.’ I wish that was how he handled it. I think he took the easy way out.”

Because the teen felt that the school mishandled the situation, she wants to speak to administrators. She also planned to attend a school board meeting to speak out against the policy that she felt squelched her freedom of speech.

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  1. Curtis Jones

    Sue the School, and the Principal, the School Board as co- Defendants. Accept NO APOLOGIZES. Put their dirt little dicks in the ground

  2. Kay

    But a Biden or BLM or Antifa would of been OK. Why you might ask. Because our schools, MSM and liberal push hatred for republicans and Trump is their biggest whipping post. We use to have open debates about politics when I was in school and no one was harassed for their political party choices. Now you have to put up with the hatred and harassment while the option of open debate is long gone. Schools are liberally ran and push the hatred as well. There is no open debates or discussions of where, why or what your party stands for, just my way or else. Freedoms are being lost daily and we are doing nothing to stop it.

  3. Old wolf

    You can see BLM signs everywhere and that’s OK , but if your for trump they cry like little bitchs . That makes them racists bitchs , Like they try to say trump is . This is the worse of the delusional democrats . They should all be kicked out of our government for the corruption they do . Everyone knows how corrupt they are but does nothing about it . Guess money talks louder then words .

  4. Daniel from TN

    1. Immediately report the principal’s actions to the state department of education.
    2. Start a petition to have the principal’s teaching certificate revoked. There should not be any problem getting thousands of signatures on the petition.
    Only when those in authority have to pay a price will this unpatriotic nonsense cease.

  5. Fallingroc

    Here is another fine example to ELIMINATE the Department of Education… Clean this mess out of idiot “teachers” who are indoctrinating the children instead of teaching Reading, Writing, & Math… we used to also learn LOVE of COUNTRY, HISTORY, and the Constitution…Basics such as Freedom of Speech is not taboo…the Progressive Left say they LOVE DIVERSITY, yet, if you disagree with them, they want to SILENCE YOU!!!! So much for Diversity!!!! Colleges are the same, or worse… STOP ALL FEDERAL $$$ until they are cleaned up…BIG TIME!!!! Not all teachers are bad, but the Teacher Unions sure seem to be totally Democrat… which must NOT be TOLERATED…where is the BALANCE??!?!?!

  6. Alice K

    She should have refused, called her parents and let them take it from there. She was harassed by an adult (the principal because he did not like her politics). That was totally inappropriate. Sue the school, sue the principal. And what about the stupid statement the principal made about the separation of church and state. What did her T-shirt have to do with that?

  7. Ron Hopkins

    As I have said before, and as “fallingroc,” has posted it’s time to eradicate the department of education. This is UnConstitutional. The fed has no right to be telling us how and what to teach our children. The communist left control the majority of our schools and with the teachers union this is what we get. By getting rid of this department money raised in the states would stay in the states and there would be enough to fix schools and pay teachers. It would also get rid of the bureaucracy in Washington that costs us much money, but gives them control by dangling money they take from the states, to control how our schools teach. It would also get rid of the teachers union which said themselves their first priority is them before the children! There is more but the point is there. Call your congressmen and women and tell them to get rid of the department of education! Nuff said!

  8. Jesse

    She should sue not the school but the Principal for violating her civil rights. She should ask for massive amounts of money so that MORON can’t find a lawyer. Then make it clear that the only thing that will stop the law suit is that he resign and be barred for LIFE from any and all aspects of education at any level. That means he can’t be even a janitor at any place of Education or teach anywhere in America or at any American protectorate. It is time these LIBERAL FOOLS destroying Education in America were taken down and down for good.


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