There have been times on Wheel Of Fortune where a contestant struggles to get the correct answer to a puzzle, and there have been some pretty tricky puzzles to solve, but what happened on the iconic game show on Tuesday has everyone shaking their heads.

The latest episode from Tuesday night had folks “screaming at the TV” after what has been dubbed the show’s “dumbest moment ever”.

Three contestants took a frustrating eight turns and 10 attempts to solve a seemingly very simple puzzle: “Another feather _n yo_r _a_.”

Game player Laura Machado had three guesses to win as host Pat Sajak and legendary letter-tuner Vanna White looked on. However, Machado’s wrong answers included: “Another feather in your hat,” “Another feather in your lap” and “Another feather in your map.”

Meanwhile, fellow contestant Christopher Coleman didn’t guess any of the correct letters and landed on Bankrupt when he twirled TV’s most infamous wheel.

Thomas Lipscomb also scored a Bankrupt and Lose a Turn for his first two times in the hot seat. But on his third try, he guessed “C” and correctly solved the phrase.

Someone on Twitter posted a video of it, captioning it, “This might have been the worst two-minute stretch in Wheel of Fortune history.”

Many others expressed their opinions on Twitter too:

“That was the most brutal minute of Wheel of Fortune I have ever seen.”

“How have all 3 contestants on wheel of fortune right now never heard the phrase “another feather in your cap”?? This is madness!!!”

“I have never wanted to scream this loudly in my life”

“This was by far the most painful two minutes of Wheel of Fortune I’ve ever seen. I was both screaming at the tv and laughing hysterically!”

“I have never been on an emotional roller coaster like this while watching Wheel of Fortune”

Christopher was the contestant who wound up winning the game, taking home nearly $19,000 and a trip to St. Lucia.

Source: DailyWire

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